Stories from heart

This is a small collection of short stories that I wrote. There is not any specific genre, but I do like, and am comparatively better at, writing fiction, mystery and adventure.
If you like these, please comment and like, so that I would know and be encouraged to write more stories. You can also share any specific type of story that you want to read.
Have a nice time!


1. Lesson of Darkness

It was pointless trying to see anything as there was only one thing to see, which was nothing.

How can anyone learn anything from this darkness? A darkness so deep it swallowed everything. There was no lesson.

She was terrified at first, as the colors turned black from her eyes. Now, even her dreams were the same. In fact, it was hard to tell which one was a dream. How does one even tell reality from dream if  both are black, and misleading?  There was no purpose for eyes.

"Darkness provokes fear. Be it inside or outside. That fear disables us, but it can only do it for a while. After that it just stays there and either you find a way to deal with it, or you stop being scared and search the light. If not one of this is your case, then your fight isn't over yet," her old master had said it his wise old voice.

Numbness followed shortly after fear. She inhaled deeply.

It was just existence; no fear, no struggle. No senses, no feelings. No good nor evil. And no differences, for it is in light that we discriminate. It is light that divides us, and darkness that made it all one. ONE! We're all one, connected and a part of something as huge as it is infinitesimal. One that resides inside us; it contains it all and is part of it all. One consciousness, one supreme power that we're all inseparable part of. This is what her master believed in, too.

ONE! Something inside her whispered; a whisper is scream of silence, and you can't ignore a scream that came from inside your own mind. ONE!

The thought struck her like a lightening. It was so prominent she thought she lost her body...and felt relieved about it. This is what it was about, this is what the teaching was. This was the response to the question she had asked, This realization turned fear upside down, twisted and molded it and made it into a sort of... fearlessness, or was it peace?

She sat there, startled at this new found discovery; and the black around her changed. How hypocritical of us to deem black as bad and white as good, when it is us who choose to do the wrongs; colors just exist. Night doesn't tell us to do bad work behind it's black curtain, nor does the sun enlightens our hearts that hide darkest secrets inside them.

There was a lesson in Darkness, as there's in light. The enlightenment that only darkness could have given her. So,there was a lesson in darkness.

This is what master's test was about; face your fears. Darkness is not fear. No! fear is fear and I don't have to fight it. I have to let it flow, and just be with it. Losing eyes doesn't mean losing vision.

She got on her feet, touched the wall she was sitting against and began to walk forward, feeling the contours on it. I will find a way out. I have much more to learn. ONE!

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