26 lovely women, 26 lovely love stories

Ariana, Bella, Cassidy and other women grew up together, fell in love and married. Lots of things happened in their lives, for example, Ariana was born by a biracial mother, and a Chineese father. She found out some dirty secrets about her life.


3. Claire

Claire Carter woke up Wednesday morning and sighing, she got up to get dressed. Claire is seventeen, has long curly red hair, brown eyes and is heavily pregnant. She attends a boarding school shares a room with outher girls. At the shower area, Savanah, a very mean girl was talking about a girl who was born blind. "She must be blind. Her sense of fashion is horrible." She was saying. Claire learned to keep her mouth shut. Kelsea, and Ray are Savanah's bodyguards. But one thing Claire didn't like was Savanah talking about disabled people. Claire clinched her fists and went on with her daily routine.

She was almost done, when she heard the tapping of a cane against the tiles. "Ah look who's here Kelsea, Ray?" Savanah said. "Oh yes the blind girl." Ray said. "My name is Kate." The girl said. "Oh look, girl thinks she has a name." Savanah said, taking Kate's nail polish from her bakset. "Hey, what'd you take" Kate asked. "If you are blind, how did you know that I took something?" Savanah asked, opening the polish. "I have ears you know." Kate said, she looked mad. 'I love your nail polish." Savanah said, begining to paint her fake nails. "hey don't touch that."Kate shouted, throwing her hand out at Savaha's face. "You punched me." Savanah looked and sounded shocked. Ray dumped a whole bucket of water on Kate. It was turning out to be a real fight. Poor Kate, three against one. I should't involeve myself. I might hurt the baby. Claire thought as she dressed hurriedly..

"Issomeone else here? Please help!" Kate screamed. Claire ignored her and walked away.

claire found out later that the three girls beat her up bad. She was sent home for the rest of the week. Claire felt bad. She shoul've helped.

Claire just moved to Orlando with her mom, dad, grandma from her mom's side, grandpop, from her mom's side, eight siblings, four cousins, two aunts and three uncles. Claire spent her time reading, working on a book, cheerleading, biking, baking and knitting. She met a guy at the boarding school, his name is Camerin. He is nice, smart, and loves biking. he got Claire in to it. Claire got him in to bakesales. He has blond hair, green eyes, and is very strong and thin. He has two little sisters and four older cousin. He treats her well, and respects her wishes.

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