26 lovely women, 26 lovely love stories

Ariana, Bella, Cassidy and other women grew up together, fell in love and married. Lots of things happened in their lives, for example, Ariana was born by a biracial mother, and a Chineese father. She found out some dirty secrets about her life.


1. Ariana

Ariana Andrews was driving home early Monday afternoon. It was a beautiful and sunny day in Orlando Florida. Ariana was a ver pale, beautiful girl, with light blond hair, bright blue eyes, and freckles across her nose and arms. She was seventeen and very slim. On her sixteenth birthday, her mother, a very beautiful light skinned woman, and her father, also quite handsome, bought her a pink Lexus. She was a very smart teen, she drove smart, never drank at parties, and was dating a nice boyy named Arnie. Arnie was a football player, tall with blond hair and a smile that could melt a girls' heart. Ariana was a senior, and a very talented cheerleader. She goes to a boarding school,, and goes home every weekend. She couldn't make it home that weekend, due to a roomate issue that needed to be resolved. She was kinda sorta excited to see her parents. She was still upset about the lies she's been growing up with. Her mother Ornella, a biracial woman, lied to her for years. Her father Eric, a young Chineese man was in on it. They told her that she was adopted, or rather, kidnapped. Ornella was childless, and sought an opportunity to take care of a baby. She found Ariana, unintened and stole her. They legally adopted her a year after her birth. She always wondered why she looked so different. When she was six, her parents had Mia, a baby girl. She looks just like her mother. Light skin, green eyes and blond hair. When she approached the house, a white dog came bounding out, barking and wagging his tail. "Hey there Pup." She said, scratching his ears. Another dog came bounding out, she was beautiful. White fur with two black spots. "Aww, did you miss me?" Ariana asked, giggling as she scratched both their ears' and throwing a stick. "Ah, so there's our beautiful girl." Eric boomed, running over and hugging her tightly. "Hi Eric." Ariana said. She never called her parents' mom and dad. He sighed and stared in Ariana's eyes. "You know we love you right>" Eric said. Ariana shook her head. "If you loved me, you would help me find my real mom and dad>" she said. Another dog came out, wagging her tail and growling furiously. "What's going on?" Ariana asked, staring at the dog bravely. "We rescued another dog last night. her name is Puffy." Eric said. Puffy growled, sniffed Ariana, then licked her hand.

Ariana visiter for a while, then left back to school. Dinner would be served soon.

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