Fallen Stars

Deka Rivere lived a very normal life. That is until he is hit by a falling star. What will he do now that he is sharing his home with a star?

Thank you Kare-Kun for helping me write this offline!


1. Chapter One - Deka

I was not expecting to exit my house and be plowed into by a random guy who happened to be airborne and I most certainly didn’t expect the same guy to be wearing a silver tunic, granted the tunic was slipping off his slender frame and driving a certain part of my anatomy wild, but that’s beside the point, and claiming that he was a fallen star. See, what I mean! An excellent start to the day, note the sarcasm. It gets better, too, because then when I ask for his name he stares at me like I have an extra head. It was wonderful, I had a amnesic lunatic on my hands.

Now, I was sitting across from said lunatic as he looked around like he had never seen a house before. It had taken a lot of effort, but I had finally managed to get him to come inside. I thanked every god that ever existed that I lived down a private drive outside of town, because it wasn’t a pretty thing to see.

“Do you know where you are or if you have family nearby?” I really just wanted to get on with the peaceful day I had planned out.

“A family?” Okay. I’ll admit it. That question broke my heart a little.

“Alright, you can stay here for tonight,” I stopped. If I didn’t know any better I would have sworn that he glowed at that, “But tomorrow we are going to see if there is anyone you know around.”

“There won’t be,” he said as he brushed a strand of raven hair that had escaped his long braid back behind his ear. Alright! He remembered something.

“How do you know? You haven’t even been into town,” I was going to say more, but apparently he had other ideas.

“I already told you, I’m a star. A celestial being,” he turned his silver orbs on me.

I snorted, “Right, and I’m one of the seven dwarves.”

That reference clearly went right over his head. This was getting kind of frustrating.

“Listen, if you’re a star then prove it,” he nodded once and I waited to see what he was going to do. I must say that I wasn’t expecting it when he simply closed his eyes and glowed. I won’t lie, my brain kinda cracked.

“You’re a star!” see, it cracked, “You are a living, breathing star, and you’re in my living room!”

The star just stared at me with eyes filled with amusement; he was enjoying this. Trying to regain the little sanity I had left I started pacing. The star, who was quickly becoming number one on the most annoying list, apparently found this funny as he was almost bouncing off of the couch.

“You really need a name. Calling you ‘The Star’ in my head is not good for my mental health,” he turned questioning silver eyes on me.

“A name,” I could barely hear his mumbling, “You can call me Asalie.”

“Asalie?” And I thought my name was weird.

The newly named Asalie nodded, “It means dawn. I was one of the last three stars to disappear with the rising of Lord Helios. My brothers, Sirius and Polaris and I are the eldest children of Lord Helios. Out of us Polaris is the eldest and has the right to remain awake the longest. Then it is Sirius in the middle and finally me as the baby brother.”

Asalie pouted and I furiously ignored the part of me that found it cute, “If you don’t mind me asking, why are you on Earth?”

“Lady Luna, Lord Helios’ younger sister, has a son named Mizar. Mizar was jealous of my brothers and I since we are the favored stars of Lord Helios and stay up longer than the others. Mizar had tried to trick us out of the sky before. However, since Polaris is the closest to Lord Helios and Sirius is the brightest of us he only tried to trick them once. When that happened all of his attention fell on me. I’m smaller than my brothers, especially Sirius, who is the leader of Canis Major. Mizar took all of his anger and frustration out on me. Polaris was the first to notice and soon either Siri or Ris was with me at all times. Ris told Lord Helios, but he couldn’t do anything, because Mizar was Lady Luna’s son. Eventually Mizar stopped and my brothers lowered their guard. That was when Mizar struck. Just before I was leaving the sky Mizar threw me here to Earth. Ris was meeting with Lord Helios and Siri was with Canis Major, they couldn’t get to me in time to stop me from falling. I know they are looking for me, though,” Asalie said it with such determination that I almost believed that his brothers were indeed looking for him.

I didn’t want to be the voice of doom, but it had to be asked, “How do you know that your brothers are looking for you?”

Asalie just smiled at me, “I can feel Polaris and Sirius’ grief and determination. Lord Helios is not exactly happy either. I have a feeling that he will be visiting Lady Luna about Mizar.”

“You aren’t worried that they will forget about you?” I wanted to stick my foot in my mouth when he gave me a sad smile.

“The younger stars will. They haven’t been around long enough to get to know my brothers and I. However, I have complete faith in my brothers. Siri is easily distracted since his focus is torn between Canis Major and Ris and I, but if either of us are ever in trouble he will choose us over Canis even if it means he is banished from their piece of the sky. Ris is, well, Ris. As the oldest star he is revered and respected among the skies. If anyone he considers a friend or part of his family is messed with every one is reminded of the fact that he is Lord Helios’ eldest son. My brothers will never forget me, unless Lord Helios or Lady Luna erase their memory,” Asalie still had a somewhat sad smile, but it wasn’t the heartbreaking sad that he had sported earlier.

Deciding that it was time for this depressing, not to mention crazy, subject to end I pulled Asalie up from the couch and to my room, “We need to find you some clothes, because I sure as hell am not dragging you to the store dressed like that.”

I waved my arm toward the tunic that was a source of discomfort for me. Asalie, the bastard, leaned forward to look inside my closet. Unfortunately for me when he did that his chest pressed against my back, giving me a good idea of what his body was like under the thin tunic. It was not helping my resolve to get him new clothes. That damn tunic should be illegal.

That thought then led to me speculating is all stars dressed like that and wondering what Asalie’s brothers looked like. Stop! Not a good direction for my thoughts to go. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I felt a tap on my shoulder. While I had my internal wrestling match, Asalie had decided to get dressed in my clothes. I should have thought this through a little more before I just welcomed the star into my house. Random thought. Then I saw what he was wearing.

Holy. Shit.

If I thought the tunic should be illegal then the tight black t-shirt and faded skinny jeans he was wearing were the work of a lust demon. Insert a long gaping session here and cut.

All other thoughts were gone except for one. MINE! There was no way in hell that I was ever going to let the fallen star out of my sight. The small rational part of my mind spoke up saying that he was in fact a star and that he had brothers who were trying to find a way to get him home. I really wanted to squash that part.

“-ka. Deka!” Asalie shouted. Oops, spaced out again.

“Sorry, what?” the star shook his head at me.

“I asked if we were going to go clothes shopping,” he looked at me expectantly with his silver eyes.

I walked toward the door, keys in hand, “Yeah. Come on.”

I locked the door to my house and turned in time to see Asalie’s jaw cracking yawn, “Tired are we?”

He glared at me, “I’ll have you know that I would normally be asleep at this time. Even Polaris went to sleep nearly three hours ago.”

Asalie flipped his braid over his shoulder and sashayed to the car. I stared after him in shock. When did the star become so sassy?

One thing I will never do again is take Asalie shopping. He is a menace! For someone who was supposed to be asleep he had an awful lot of energy. We finally got him a new wardrobe after four hours. Four freaking hours of shopping! I also had to drag all the bags to the guest room upstairs, because someone decided that the car would be a good place to pass out.

To say I wasn’t a happy camper would be an understatement. However, I had to admit that Asalie looked cute when he slept. I finished taking all of the clothes to what would be Asalie’s room and returned to the car to take the star up as well. I picked up the small star bridal style and shifted him up a little higher when he burrowed into my chest and created a reaction that was not so pleasant in tight jeans. If it carried on this way Asalie was going to be the death of me.

As it happened, Asalie woke up when just as I entered the hall that led to his room, “It’s too early.”

“What was that?” I don’t speak sleepy star.

He groaned and snuggled further into my chest. If the glow he was emitting was anything to go by he quite liked it there. I shook my head at the star. Yep, definitely the death of me.

After putting Asalie in his room I went to make some lunch for myself. Fifteen minutes and a simple sandwich later, I heard Asalie’s descent down the stairs.

“Good afternoon, Sleeping Beauty,” Asalie glared at me as he stumbled to the couch.

The glare would have probably been more effective if he wasn’t rubbing sleep out of eyes and stumbling around like he was drunk, again, causing an appendage to twitch in interest. This was getting ridiculous. I hadn’t bothered to wake him up to change into pajamas, so Asalie still wore my clothes. At least part of them anyway. It appeared that sometime between me leaving and his descent he decided to lose the jeans and run around in nothing but my shirt and a pair of boxers. At this point my pants were very, very tight.

The star was trying to kill me on purpose,I decided. If not then one of his brothers needed to sit down and have a very serious and very long talk with him.

“Hungry?” I asked and received a weird head bob that I took as a yes. I made a sandwich since I was an absolute dismal cook. When I came back into the living room, Asalie was nearly asleep, sprawled across the couch with a curtain of unbound black hair spread around him like a halo.

At that moment, all I wanted to do was take him upstairs and to bed, and not to sleep either. Gritting my teeth against the arousal I felt, I shook Asalie’s shoulder.

Asalie peeked at me from under long lashes and mumbled sleepily, “What?”

“Food,” no sooner did I get the word out did I have an armful of starving Asalie.

The star took a huge chunk out of the sandwich and moaned. Shivers ran up my spine and my cock rose to full attention. Damn you, Asalie! I hurriedly left the room. The star hadn’t even been here a day and he already had me wrapped around his finger. I briefly wondered if all stars were this way or if Asalie was the only one and karma was just that spiteful.

Returning from my inner musings, I saw Asalie staring at me. All traces of the food was gone. I plopped down on my recliners and sighed. I watched as the still groggy star headed back to bed. I just attained some time to get groceries. If only I knew what that choice would’ve caused.

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