Love Me Like You Do


1. 1.

Mathew ran through the forest till he stopped in front of a small river where she loved to visit. He saw her sitting on her favorite rock her feet dipped in the water. Her purple ombré hair flowed in the slight wind. Her old white noodle strapped dress perfectly collaged with stains and rips. Her skin slightly tanned. He sits next to her as close as possible then puts his arm around her and kisses her cheek. He smiles as she turns towards him. Her eyes a tainted green with a hint of sadness. Her lips slightly chapped but perfectly kissable. Her sad lonely expression haunted her perfect face. He brushed her bangs back and began to lean in. He placed his gentle lips on hers. They lean back as they begin to make out. She smiles weakly "I thought you left me forever!" He shakes his head "I would never leave you for you are my forever happy oasis in a desert full of sadness. Your mine and that's what I like." She smiles chuckles "I love you too" He gets up and picks Rose up bridal style. He loved her name how it rolled of her tongue he would always say she got the name from being as beautiful as the flower but she disagreed. She never liked being called beautiful because she thought she didn't deserve it. He always thought it was an insecurity that she would get over it but she never did for the 5 years they have been friends and now they were dating she still hasn't grown out of it. He walks towards the woods to bring her to his car. They had both raised enough money to buy it together so they could go where ever they wanted. When he got there he placed her inside and buckled her. She was very ill but he cared for her dearly. He walked around and got in. He put her favorite artists CD in. She turned it down "Matthew I have something to say." He turned an looked at her, "Yes babe?"

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