Wayward Shadows

Just some anomalous, uncanny, dismal, possibly compelling, and definitely eldritch and eerie poems. The majority of them will be free-verse.


3. "When You Wish Upon a Galaxy"

I brought my hand over the balcony

Feeling, engulfing myself in the energy of the night

Above was an expanse of pulsating orbs

Hanging there by a thread

At my fingertips, yet too far to reach

Many people wish upon stars

Why, though

Why wish upon one small piece of the puzzle

Why not wish on it all

So I chose to wish on a galaxy that night

Because my dream was not petty, ignorant or selfish

I dreamt, I wished,

That I didn't have to hide anymore

Bound by chains in that same old square

Limited, restricted, confined

I dreamt that I could be meaningful

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