Wayward Shadows

Just some anomalous, uncanny, dismal, possibly compelling, and definitely eldritch and eerie poems. The majority of them will be free-verse.


1. "Alone"



Do you know that feeling,

When you keep something locked away,

Something concealed far too deep inside?


Do you know that wretched feeling,

When you have no one to go to,

Nowhere to turn,

Because they might not accept you for who you really are?


I know that feeling.

That thought.

That burden.

That sinking hole of desperation 

Never to be filled.


I know that agony.

That torture.

That misery.

That forlorn cry for help

Never to be spoken of or answered.


Things are divergent to me than to others.

I cannot change this, no matter how hard I strive to.


One thing to me might be




To you.


But to me,

It's the sole cause of my loneliness

Because I know

That no one


No one

Will ever be able to fathom how I feel and think

How I subsist

How I don't handle it

How I cease feeling

How I stop living

How I can't do this without-


I'm falling.

Don't let me die.


*A/N: These poems are not necessarily about me.


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