My New Neighbour

"So this is my story, how I fell in love with my incredibly annoying, but so... so... so hot neighbor.
One night 23:45, saturday 17th august , I was home in my apartment, on my bed reading a book. When I suddenly heard a loud noise. It was music. Someone in this building had a party with really loud music?! It's 23:45! And when you live in a apartment, you have to be quiet when it's late. You have to respect your neighbors.
I was, tired, irritated and angry so I went down to see where the music came from. And the music led me to the new guy's door..."

Hailie gets into a depression after her boyfriend Jack and when Luke, her neighbour found out, he wanted to try to fix her. He just planned to be her friend... but it might lead to something else...


2. Chapter 1

Ugh.. It is another day in my life. I feel like I do everyday. I feel sad. I feel lonely, stupid, hated, unloved, afraid, anger, guilt, hopeless, tired and then just nothing.

It's been six months since Jack died. I'm still in this depression, trying to get over Jack. But still... I don't want to get over him. I just want to be happy. And that doesn't make sense, but yeah... It's another morning in another day of my life and I'm just laying here in my bed, to tired to move and get up. But my mother will be here soon so I have to get up and fix myself and do the things I always do.

I got up, took a warm shower, put some kind of clothes, just some kind of clothes, I don't care I never care I just take some clothes. I brushed my hair. Then I try to eat some kind of breakfast, I'm not that hungry so I'll only eat some cereal with milk. I then go to my bathroom to brush my teeth looking at my face in the mirror. I feel so disgusting, these tired sad eyes will never look happy and beautiful again. I sighed.

I heard the door open and I heard her walking around in my apartment probably looking for me. The door to my bathroom was closed so she couldn't see where I were.

"Hailie?" She said.

"In here" I said and walked out of the bathroom. She looked at me quite irritated, but she try'd to hide it.

"There's so much dishes." When she knew I wouldn't answer her, she started to talk again. "Why haven't you done the dishes?" She looked at me sadly.

"I was to tired..." She didn't say anything and just walked into the kitchen starting doing the dishes. I felt bad for her. She comes here everyday jus to check if I'm okay, to give me food and to clean my apartment. All I did was lying on my bed reading the same book over and over, or laying on the couch watching Netflix. So I walked to where she stood to help her with the dishes.

"I know you're having a hard time", she said, "I've booked a time at the psychologist, please just go." I didn't say anything and just stood there doing the dishes. "You will not get better if you don't. You can at least try."

"I don't know..." I said, "I will think about it."

"Your birthday is in one month", she looked at me in the eyes, "You may not get better that fast, but I want you to be at least a little bit happier."

She's right. I need to let go and get happy again. I know Jack wouldn't want me to be depressed. I don't want to see moms sad face everyday she's here. She's really worried about me.

"Okay", I said, "I will go."


Because I haven't been out so much, mom send me to go grocery shopping. She gave me a grocery list and said that we will do something different to day. She didn't say what we will do, but on the list it's of course food, but it's also ingredients. We will probably bake something. I used to bake with her when I was little, I really loved it. It was fun to spend time with her. I smiled at the memories, I look forward to it now.

I put the list in my jean pocket when the elevator doors opened and went out.

Luke sat with his friend, Michael in the park bench smoking outside the apartment building.

"Is it so scary to live alone so your mother had to move in?" Luke said.

"Maybe it's her dead boyfriend that's hunting her." Michael said.

"She don't even live with me you idiot." I heard them laugh and ignored them and got to my car.


I walked around, trying to find the last thing I had on the list. I don't se any one I can ask that works here.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to face the person.

"Hallie!" It was my best friend Ella. "OMG! It was a long time ago!" She said and smiled big.

"It's so good to see you Ella!" I smiled back at her. I've actually missed her. We've been best friends since High School, but after Jack died I stopped talking to her. I really regret it though, it would be good to have a best friend that you can talk to, especially when I'm like this.

"So how are you?" She asked.

"I'm... still depressed." I said and we didn't smile at each other anymore. She just smiled a sad smile. "I'm going to a therapist tomorrow. I want to get better."

"Yeah, that's great Hailie. I know you will let go and get happy again." She smiled.

"I'm sorry I was mean to you Ella."

"Don't apologise Hailie. I know how it is when you're feeling sad and depressed, I get angry sometimes when I'm sad and want to be alone."

I smiled feeling relieved.

"I want us to be friends again Ella." I said, "Please come by whenever you want, I live where I lived since the last time we met, I'm home most of the time"

"Of course I will!" She smiled and then she hugged me and said goodbye to continue with her shopping.


It was really fun to bake with mom. We baked muffins which was easy to make but we failed with the decorations. It ended up looking so ugly but it was fun because we laughed at it. And the muffins actually did taste good, and it was fun. I needed this.

• • •

I know this was really short and so boring, but I promise that it will get better soon! And it's not so long until Luke and Hailie will talk, like really talk and not the stupid things he says right now. I know this is late, but I think there will be another chapter on Sunday. I will not promise anything, I still have so much to do but I will at least start with it.


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