Things have always gone unnaturally well for me in life. At first it started small, Like the test I forgot to study for gets moved from Thursday to next Monday or my teacher forgets to check the homework, the one assignment I didn’t have time to finish or I forgot my gym clothes and it just happens to be the one day I don’t need them. And it became things like one day I was the bookworm standing in the corner, and next thing you know I’m best friends with over half the school. Now I’m really popular and get relatively good grades. I am twelve years old, my hair is dirty-blonde and I have Amber eyes, which I pride myself on because I know they're rare. Everything was going just fine, that was, until my family decided to take a roadtrip up to see my grandmother for the weekend.


1. The Roadtrip

“Why do I have to go?!” I yell at her and my dad. “I don’t even know her!”

“Honey, your grandma isn’t going to live for long. You need to meet her,” my mom says and bows her head. She is about to cry.

“Fine, I’ll go,” I say and roll my eyes.

“Good girl,” My dad says as he rustles my hair and walks by me. “Go get packed up.”

I walk up my stairs and walk into my room. I pull out my suitcase from under my bed.

I wish that it’s packed already, I think. Of course I open it to a fully packed suitcase. I am about to leave my room when I think of something I need. I walk to my closet and pull down a huge book of maps. Except this is no book of maps, this is the best gift my grandma ever sent me: a storage book. I open it and look into the velvet pocket and smile. I pull out all the stuff I will need: my diary, a feather I found when I was four (my good luck charm), and (I know this sounds stupid but) my wand. I have a fake wand my grandma sent me. I put them in a bag and sling it over my shoulder. Suddenly I remember the one thing I need. I dig to the bottom of the storage book and pull out a little white spot. It’s the other greatest thing my grandma ever gave me. It’s a lock for my diary. I pull out my diary and push it onto it. It locks it and I shove the diary back into my bag. It can only be opened by me. I just have to put my finger on it. I grab my suitcase and head out my bedroom door. There is nothing important in my suitcase so I chuck it down the stairs. I slide down the banister of the stairs and land at the bottom, dismounting in a flip.

“Hi honey,” My mom says and pulls me into a hug. “Come on. We’ve got to get going.”

“Wait, Mom. Now?” I ask. “I have to study with my friends for a test on Monday today. I am totally not going to study with them. We’re going to just talk. But I still want to go.”

“You’re gonna have to cancel sweetie. I’m sorry but we have to leave now,” my mom says running past me to the kitchen.

I sigh.

“So much for that idea,” I mumble. I pull out my phone and text my friends.


Alex: Hey guys. We gotta cancel the meet today.

Maxine: Wut? Y!?

Crystal: Yeah y?!

Alex: Parents are taking me on a surprise trip to my crazy grandma. -_-

Crystal: Yikes. :(
Maxine: Good luck.

Alex: Thanks guys. Listen I gotta go. Bye :(

Maxine: See u.

Crystal: Bye


I put away my phone and pick up my suitcase.

“Alex! Come on! We’re gonna be late!” My dad yells from the car.

“I’m coming!” I yell with a sigh and trudge out to the car. I put my stuff in the open trunk and hop in the back seat. We start on the road and drive by Maxine’s house on the way to the highway.

Crystal’s there and they are outside waving.

“Bye!” They yell as I roll down my window. I wave to them as we pass.

“See you in a few weeks!” I yell and we all laugh. I roll up the window and sit back in the seat. I pull out my phone again and my diary.

I wish I had some privacy. I think. Suddenly there is almost an invisible wall between the front seat and the back. I put my hand up to it and knock. They can’t hear me. I unlock my diary and start to talk.

“Dear diary. Date: the 28. Today my parents surprised me by taking me to my crazy grandma. I am on my way there in the car. I am hoping she is a little less crazy than she seems in her letters, talking about magic and witches. Wow, yeah I think she’s got problems. I am tired. I’m gonna text my friends. See ya. Alex,” I finish talking. I get out my phone and start to text.


Alex: Hey -_-

Maxine: You’re there already!? You have a fast car.

Alex: No lol. I am just annoyed. And bored.

Maxine: Hey faceTime????????


I stop texting to look up and touch the wall to make sure it’s still there. I look back at the phone.


Alex: Sure. But I don’t know when my parents will notice so if i hang up, I’m sorry.

Maxine: That’s fine. Come on!


I go to face time and call her.


“Hey.” I say as her face pops up.

“Yo. Wow. Your car’s quiet,” she replies.

“Yeah....” I say with uncertainty.


We crack up.

“So though what are you up to when you get there,” Maxine asks.

“Not sure. My parents are being secretive,” I reply.

“Can’t they hear you?” She asks.

“Um… No.” I say slow. “We’re at a restaurant.” I say and nod my head to myself. “Yeah. Restaurant,” I then whisper to myself.

“Well cool. So I wanna try something on you,” Maxine says really hyped. She is a amatuer scientist and tries out all her experiments on me and Crystal.

“Well isn’t Crystal there? Can’t she do it?” I ask very scared. Last time, my face got burned with hot sticky goop.

“Yeah she’s here but A, It’s your turn. She did it last time. And B, It’s a phone app,” Maxine finishes.

“Ok, So how does it work,” I ask.

“So I launch it on my phone and supposedly if you are in a hurry, you take a picture of the outfit you’re wearing and it projects on your face the best makeup match,” she smiles as she finishes.

“Ok. Go ahead,” I say really scared.

“Ok. I just launched it. Now give a whole view of your outfit through the camera.” I do what she asks and move the phone camera so it can see my outfit.

“Ok. So now I am going to open the make up part.” She apparently opens it and a bland makeup with a little bit of lip gloss appears in the camera.

“Now push the home button!” Maxine yells. I do and then look in the mirror. The makeup is actually on my face.

“Ok I think this is the only experiment you have ever done that I like,” I say with a smile.

I stop listening to Maxine talk for a little bit and start to reminisce about the old days when we were little. I remember when we found that first little green…

“I FORGOT THE BEADS!” I scream out of nowhere. Back when Maxine, Crystal and I met, we started to collect these little green beads we found wherever we went. It was like they were placed there. But we have collected them ever since we met in preschool. We have 10 beads. One for each year we have known each other literally.

“HOW CAN YOU FORGET THOSE?!” Maxine screams at me through the screen. I pull my suitcase out of the back and open it up.

Please be at the bottom. I think as I tear through it. I reach the bottom and there the green bracelet sits.

“Did you get it?!” I hear Crystal in the background.

“Yes.” I say wiggle it in front of the camera.

“Thank god!” They both scream.

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