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One shots from my remaining fandoms.
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[Attack on Titan, Marvel, Black Butler and a few more ]


7. Won with cards [Lemon]

(Both you and him are around 17-20)

’I hope you are more talented at this than at cards,’ Alois snickered clicking closed the last handcuff.
’(Yooooooooooour/Naaaaaaaaame)’ you heard master Alois yelling your name from his open window. He knew well that you spent your free time at the garden. You ran up to the manor and looked up at his window on the first floor. ’Yes, your highness?’ you asked curiously. ’Come up! I’m bored and want you to play with me,’ he said with a hint of laughter in his voice. You made your way to his bedroom, wondering what he meant by playing. You could somehow always avoid playing with him in that way during the five months you were at his service. You knocked on the door and waited until Alois told you to get in. ’What do you wish me to play with you, highness?’ you asked once you closed the door. ’You can play poker, dontcha?’ he asked holding a pack of cards in his hand. ’I played quite a times with my brothers but I wouldn't say I'm an expert,’ you replied your eyes still firmly fixed at a point behind Alois. ’All the better,’ Alois mumbled and sat down on the bed.
You stood there in silence. ’What, don't you want to sit down?’ Alois asked looking at you dumbfounded. ’Whoever loses a round has to get off a piece of clothing,’ Alois announced the rules when you finally sat down at the other side of the bed. You blushed heavily satisfying the Earl with this already. Years has passed since the last time you played and it was showing. By the end of the fifth round you were stripped from half of your clothes while Alois was only without his coat and tie. Alois being as impulsive as ever had a new idea after picking up his newest card. ’(Y/N), I offer you a day off if you can beat me. But if I win the round I get you to do me anything I ask for. What do you say?’ he asked looking at you with a falsely innocent smile. Having four of a kind in your hand you recklessly accepted the offer. What you regretted at the moment Alois turned his cards towards you. A Royal Flush. You let out a frustrated sigh and threw your pathetic cards onto the table. ’Does it mean that I won?’ he asked cocking an eyebrow up. ’Yes, your highness,’ you replied mad at yourself.
*flashback ends*
You were now in a worse trouble what stripping down totally in front of Alois would’ve been. You were lying helplessly on the bed, both your hands and ankles cuffed to the bed. ’Claude, get her undressed,’ Alois ordered and the quiet butler stepped up to the bed. He tore off your bra and briefs with ease and he was doing the same with your garter belt. ’You can leave those on,’ he instructed the loyal servant pointing at your thigh-high stockings while getting his clothes off. ’I'm not twisted what you must be thinking, dear (Y/N). I do it only to not let you get away what you managed so many times in the past,’ he said before kneeling over you with his legs at your side and bending his head down to kiss you. After a long but simple kiss he moved farther up along your body and his dick what was resting between your breasts was now gently moving deeper into your mouth.
’Claude, get a good use of your tongue,’ Alois ordered and suppressed a moan. He was a bit mean, not giving you any clue if he liked what you did. Claude obeying his master’s order got into the bed and kneeling between your legs he bent down his head. You always tried to guess how would his lengthy tongue licking you up and down feel, but you never imagined it will be this delightful. Your breathing became uneven when the tip of his tongue swirled around and over your clit and you couldn't concentrate anymore on Alois pushing his dick in and out your mouth when Claude flicked his tongue inside you. reflexively you wanted to bite your lip but you ended up scratching Alois. ’You stupid girl,’ Alois bellowed at you and pulled away. ’I think it’s enough, Claude,’ he said and took the place of his butler. Afraid of Alois hurting you back you shifted away as much as you could, what was nothing more than a few miserable inches. ’Don't try to run away because you know you can't,’ Alois snickered and pushed two of his fingers inside you.
You screamed a little from the pain his sudden action caused you but he seemed to be pleased with it. He kept on moving them in and out in a low speed just to make you want more. You arched your back slightly when he added in another finger and changed to a faster pace. Alois was impatiently waiting for you to ask for more but you knew it well so you tried your best to remain silent. Soon he pulled out his fingers and reaching your breasts he wiped his wet fingers on your skin. ’Now you won't be able to keep quiet,’ Alois smirked before entering you with a fast and deep thrust. You pressed together your lips but your whimpering was loud enough for Alois to hear. When you relaxed from your defensive tenseness, Alois started moving in and out pretty rapidly. You knew you couldn't last much longer as the knot in your stomach was growing and Alois was hitting your G-spot with almost all of his thrusts. Your eyes were closed as bigger and bigger waves of pleasure swept through you.
You felt Alois cupping your face in his hands. ’(Y/N), open your eyes. I want you to look at me when you come. I want you to call my name,’ Alois said almost tenderly. You opened your eyes and looked into those beautiful blue eyes burning with lust. For a few moments your eyes fluttered closed again but you forced them open when your back arched even more. ’Alois,’ you mumbled out when your body gave in to the overwhelming pleasure of your orgasm. He leaned in for a kiss but in that moment his dick moved farther in and he released his load inside you. He quickly pulled out and climbed back to your mouth leaving a wet trail of his seed over your body. ’Claude, clean it up,’ Alois ordered while he stuck his dick into your mouth. The butler was once again between your legs but now his tongue wasn't just playing around. You heard him let out a deep growl and when he moved farther up you felt a slight bulge pressing against you. You wondered if your or your master’s sight caused it but the train of thoughts was harshly interrupted. ’What the hell?!’ Alois cried out and got out of the bed as fast as he could. You didn't know what happened but Alois seemed rather angry. ’Why the hell did you do that, Claude?!’ he inquired with a booming voice.

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