The Collection

One shots from my remaining fandoms.
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[Attack on Titan, Marvel, Black Butler and a few more ]


6. Stays where it happens [Lemon]

You ran across the manor, frowning angrily at what master Alois said. You didn't blame him, he only wanted to see if Claude’s remark was true. You were mad at him; stomping through the corridors you finally reached the kitchen where he was. Without saying anything you walked up to him and with all your strength you slapped him. Claude looked at you with a strange expression, a mixture of anger, delight and confusion. There was a visible pink spot on his usually pale cheek where your hand touched him. ‘Why did you say that? Why did you told him such a lie?’ you shouted at him, trying to hold back a few angry tears. ‘Why, is it not true?’ Claude asked, a slight smirk playing at his lips. ‘No. And you know it too,’ you replied still shouting and you were ready to hit him again to wipe that pleased smirk off his face. ‘Oh my, I still don't know why we employed you. You are such a disobedient girl, maybe you should be punished,’ Claude wondered aloud while he effortlessly stopped your punch.
His grip tightened on your wrist and he pushed you against the counter, his chest pressed against your back. Claude pinned down your hands with his left while his other hand clenched on your jaw turning your head as back as he could without snapping your neck. You felt his breath on your cheek and ear. ’I'll see for myself if it’s only a lie or not,’ he whispered and draw back his hand from your face. You tried to escape, thrashing around but it just ended up with you grinding against his crotch. ’Already showing off, I hoped you’d put up a better fight,’ Claude snickered and pushed you onto the counter. His free hand was moving under your skirt and dangerously close to your knickers. You were twisting away from his touch as much as you could but he was stronger and held you down.
You felt him leaning over you, his lips next to your ear. ’If you don't stay put I'm going to fuck you for ten hours straight,’ he said with anger and lust in his voice. ’You bastard! I don't want you to even think about it,’ you seethed angrily but you froze instantly when his fingers finally made their way into your knickers. His cold hand brushed against your warm and wet skin, and you tried your hardest not to let out a treacherous sigh. Claude’s fingers trailed along your slit and he slipped one inside you with ease. You bit your lip not giving him the satisfaction to hear you cry out. ’Your body betrays your words, (Y/N). You still don't see that you are nothing more than the slut I called you,’ Claude said in a low but sneering voice what you never heard from him before. Your first sigh escaped your lips longingly when he pulled away his hand, gleaming wetly in the sunshine. ’You know, there’s a difference between spreading your legs to anyone and how your body reacts to a specific person’s actions,’ you replied trying to ignore the guilty pleasure rising in you.
Claude pulled you up and with his signature knife in his hand he cut down the laces of your corset-dress. He tossed away the knife along with the dress he got off with one tug and reached to pull off your knickers. He spun you around, looking up and down your naked body what was in a heavy contrast with his fully dressed figure. His gaze brushed over you once again, this time in synchrony with his hands, stopping for a moment at your breast heaving and sinking in excitement. His light touch was enough to send a shiver down your spine and you started doubting if you could stand straight any longer. Claude sat you up onto the counter and hurriedly stripped from his clothes. Stepping directly in front of you, Claude pulled you into a rough kiss, forcing his lengthy tongue inside your mouth.
Getting into a comfortable position Claude pressed the tip of his dick against your clit. You took a sharp breath when he guided it along your slit and pushed it inside you unexpectedly. You involuntarily wrapped your legs around his waist and dug your nails into his back when he started thrusting in and out. You wanted to cry out from the slightly pain-laced pleasure but his hand on the back of your head kept your lips firmly on his, making it impossible for you to utter any sound. Although both of you knew that it was unnecessary as no one would dare to interfere with Claude’s actions if you scream for help, he enjoyed his unlimited control over you. When Claude started thrusting faster you arched your back whimpering and Claude finally let go of your head.
You leaned back on the table, supporting yourself with your arms put behind you and you were trying to take deep breaths between your sighs and moans. It didn't help you to improve your erratic breathing that Claude cupped your breasts and squeezed them slightly. You sank down to your forearms and bent back your head exposing your slim, pale neck to Claude. His lips were almost immediately attached to your neck like a leech; sucking it mindlessly as his demonic self was lashing out. You knew you couldn't last much longer as the knot in your stomach grew rapidly. After a particularly forceful thrust you felt Claude’s body tensing against your for a second before he released himself inside you. You still needed a little time and Claude was nice enough to keep moving in the same rhythm. You cried out pretty loudly and arched your back even more when he finally brought you over the edge.
Your walls momentarily tightening around his dick and your juices enveloping it made him hard again. Without a moment’s hesitation Claude shove you off the counter and flipped you around pushing you once again against the board he slammed his still wet dick all the way up in your ass. The sudden pain snapped you out from your blissful state and you let out a little scream. Although you didn't see, Claude’s lips curled into a pleased smirk at the sound you made. Claude was holding you by your waist, working hard against the tightness with forceful thrusts. When your tenseness finally subsided, he pulled you up and into a tight embrace while he was tugging at your erect nipples. Claude bent down his head and licked around and over the spot where he sucked on your neck leaving a pretty nasty mark.
You let out another small scream but this time it was a sign of pure pleasure. Claude growled against the fragile skin of your neck and reached out for one of your hand. He guided it down your body and started rubbing your own finger against your clit. You breathed out shakily, earning another growl from him. ’You like it, don't you, (Y/N)?’ he teased, his hot breath tickling your ear. You didn't want to give him the satisfaction of saying „yes” and even if you’d wanted to reply you couldn't. Claude guided your hand a bit more down and slowly drove two of your fingers inside you along with one of his. It was exciting and pleasant and Claude realised too when you tried to speed up against his control. The little knot in your stomach was growing for the second time that day and you felt him taking up a quick pace. ’(Y/N).’ ’Claude,’ you called out his name the same time as he said yours, and now both of you came at the same moment.
If it wasn't for his arms still around you, you’d have already collapsed to the floor from the exhaustment. You turned around and leaned against him. Claude bent his head down and give you a surprisingly soft and loving kiss. You kissed back and put your arms around him instinctively. He was caressing your back and leaned closer to your ear. ’After all you proved to be a slut,’ he whisper-smirked. You leaned back in his embrace and looked into his eyes. ’A slut for you,’ you remarked tiredly and closing your eyes you drifted off to sleep in his arms.

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