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One shots from my remaining fandoms.
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[Attack on Titan, Marvel, Black Butler and a few more ]


2. Extra Lesson [Lemon]

You were sent to Charles again. When you opened the door Charles only raised an eyebrow. "Logan," you said just to avoid him looking into your mind. You were almost grown-up, you had non-appropriate thoughts sometimes. "If you’d been a bit nicer, maybe you had a chance with him," he said. "And now go." You left the room and headed to the backyard. 'Screw you, Charles!' you thought. 'And you, too, Logan!' You hated when people told you what to do and you hated more when they were in your head. You reached your favourite tree and you climbed up to your usual reading spot. You pulled out a copy of The Hobbit and decided that you won’t go back to the rest of your classes.
A few hours later you got hungry so you put away your book and got off the tree. Only to not be able to get off. A well-known but likewise hated person was sitting where you wanted to land. You thrown your bag over his head and you were about to follow your bag’s way when the bloke stood up and got you down from the branch. He put you down and held you against the tree with ease. "Let me go, Logan!" you said angrily. "See, you could get away if you’d pay attention on my class," he replied but held you still. With a blink you froze the time and him. A gentle push on his hand and you were free. You resumed time just when you were out of his reach and called back to him. "And don’t fucking touch me again!"


It was your last class for the day but it was the 7-9th grader’s fighting class. You hated that you were put into all three group’s course. It was a team battle simulation where the goal was to 'kill' the enemy team members. It was fun for the kiddos but you never really participated. Usually you were walking in the open waiting for someone from the other team to hunt you down so you could go and read your book. It was the case this time, too. The moment you sat down Logan already towered over you. "Again, (Y/N)?" he asked but you thought it was rather rhetorical. "No, just your eyes playing tricks," you replied annoyed. "Are you enjoying this?" You looked up at him with a gloomy expression. "Not the slightest. That’s why I gave up," you said. He tilted his head and gave you a death glare. "Oh, you meant irritating you? Because that’s a thing I find pretty amusing," you sneered while beaming at him with your best smile. He picked you up by your top and pressed against the wall. "Logan," you muttered with an intense stare on the class. He put you down as if nothing happened and turned to the class. Of course they were watching your little scene. "Get back to work!" he bellowed at the students. "We’ll talk after the class," he remarked.
During the lesson you were considering if you could sneak out but you aborted it in the end. You were waiting for the bell to sign impatiently. When every student left you stood up with not much enthusiasm. "Yeah, I'm listening," you said when he walked up to you. "First, why didn't you train?" Logan snapped at you. "Why should I? I just freeze everyone and I have any time to finish with them. I need no training. Definitely not from you," you replied. "And why did you made a scene?" he asked. "I made a scene? It was you who couldn't control yourself!" you gasped. And within a second you found yourself pressed to the wall again. His face was inches away from your and you could feel his muscles tensing. "It was you. Just to catch my attention. Charles told me," he said. Your eyes widened and your heart was racing. "Told you what?" you asked trying to sound casual. "What you think of me," he sneered and loosened his clench. In that moment you tore yourself out of his hold and ran away. "Fuck you, Logan!" you shouted back.
It was nearing midnight when someone knocked on your door. You put down your book and opened it a bit. You peered out and saw Logan standing there. "What do you want?" you asked wearily. "Let me in and I'll explain it," he said. You stepped away from the doorway so he could come in. You walked back to your bed while he closed the door after himself. "So, why are you here?" you inquired and sat down. "To put things in their place," he replied and sat next to you. "Like what? That I don’t really like you?" you taunted and laid back on your bed. "Like this," Logan said and thrown a condom on your belly. "Wait, what? I didn't mean it literally!" you exclaimed sitting bolt upright.
"It’s too late," he sneered and pushed you back on the bed. Before you could do anything you felt his lips crash with yours. You kissed back instinctively and locked your arms around him. When he pulled away he had a smug look on his face. "Sure you didn't meant it." You frowned at him. "Shut up and kiss me again!" you retorted. In no time his lips were on yours again, attacking with eagerness to deepen it. You parted your lips slightly and his tongue slipped inside. You started to take off his shirt but it was quite difficult so you gently pushed him off. When you sat up you took off his shirt and tank top, too. "Mmmh," you murmured and bit your lip. Logan pulled of your tee and thrown it across the room. He let out one claw what scared you a bit. He put it under the strap of your bra and cut it off. "Hey, that was expensive!" you hissed at him. "I’ll get you a better one," Logan replied and squeezed your breasts. You let out a longing sigh and kissed him.
He pulled you into his lap to level his lips with your breasts. He was sucking on one while massaging the other. You were caressing his back and sunk your nails in his back when he started licking your nipple with gentle moves. He repeated the process on the other side before laying you back and pulling off your jeans with your briefs getting off too. He crawled over you and kissed you passionately. You reached down to undo his jeans and pushed it off with your feet. Logan rolled next to you pulling you on top of him. You smiled at him and sat up. You started to swing your hips making him growl with lust. You drawn back your hands and started playing with the rim of his boxer. You slid down from him and pulled it off with one move. "Much eager, honey," Logan said and spun you around. He was kneeling with one of your legs between his, supporting himself on one hand, his other rubbing your clit while he suck on your neck. You were sure it would leave a mark on you but in the heat of the moment it felt good. He moved his fingers down, slowly pushing two inside you.
You let out a not so quiet moan what just made him quicken the pace of thrusting his fingers in and out. "Let me, too," you breathed and reached out for his dick. Gripping it lightly you started stroking it. Your thumb brushed over his tip already wet with precum what you decided to spread over him as much as you could. "Mmh, baby," he growled into your ear while lying onto his side. He started caressing your face and when his finger brushed over your lips you started sucking on it. When you let go he couldn't resist anymore and pulled his fingers back shifting into a sitting position. You turned onto your stomach and moving closer to him you wrapped your lips around his dick.
You closed your eyes and started moving your head in a monotone rhythm. You ignored the bitter taste and focused on giving the man you wanted every bit of pleasure. Logan put one hand onto your head controlling its movement but not forcing you to do more than what you’re okay with. With each new push-down you went deeper and deeper until you couldn't fit more into your mouth. It was giving you a slightly choking feeling but you pulled away for a big breath before returning to your administrations with softer and shallower moves but with a faster pace. Logan let out a low growl much like an animal he was named after. „That will be enough, I didn't buy this for nothing,” he said gently pulling you away and ripping open the package of the condom.
He easily made you sit and handed you the protection. You looked at him confused for a moment before realising that he wanted you to put it on him. Without saying anything Logan pulled you into his lap and made you look him in the eyes. "You ready?" You only nodded in response. He lifted you again and pulled you back into his lap, his entire length buried deep inside your core. You let out a shaky breath and grabbed his broad shoulders a moment before he started moving you up and down, holding you by your ass. Your head lolled forward and you moved it to rest on one of your hands, the moans leaving your lips right next to his ear.
Logan becoming impatient with the slow pace laid you down, his speed and the force of thrusts increasing. Your moans turned more pant-like while he started growling and grunting more often. Nearing his release already but wanting you to come first he lifted your legs, bending them so your knees were on the bed on your two sides. All you could do was to grip the sheets tighter to keep from extreme loud moans what would alert the people in nearby rooms. Logan bent down over your body, ravaging your neck and covering it in love bites and hickeys. He pushed deeper and hit your G-spot with his re-angled thrusts making you even less able to say anything, now his new left your lips in a blur of sounds. With a really forceful thrust, what made the bed creak also, he brought you over the edge. "Lo-Logan," you managed to squeeze out between pants. He let go of your ankles and you stretched your legs immediately while he pushed in and out a few more times sloppily. "(Y/N), it was fantastic," Logan complimented so rare from him. "I liked it, too. But what if someone finds out?" you asked, the initial fear returning. "Nothing babe. Now get some sleep," he said scooping her in his arms and pulling the covers over their naked bodies. "Good night!" you mumbled out with your last bit of energy.
~Next morning~
You were sitting in the dining hall, the zipper on your sports jacket pulled up to the max, the collar overlapping your scarf. It was a physical exam day as a bonus. It was lucky that you were let to complete the track in any kind of training outfit. "(Y/N), why are you wearing a scarf in May?" your friend asked. "I feel a little sick," you lied, your gaze flicking onto Logan for a split second. No one else but him seemed to catch the glance and a slight smirk spread on his lips. You turned back to your food and stared at it not exactly eating.
You waited for your friends to finish and the little group walked to the track, talking about random things. For your luck none of them heard or cared about your last night fun and you hoped it will stay that way. But this illusion disappeared when you entered the hall as many other students were gossiping about it. You could keep calm about it and lie about who you thought they were until few if the teachers walked in. It was the usual trio of teachers, Storm, Cyclops and Logan. "We'll sort you into smaller groups and you'll have to complete the track as a group," Storm explained. You nodded though it was totally unnecessary. The three of them walked around giving out numbers fro whom will belong to which and Logan purposefully came in n your direction. "(Fr/N), three. (Fr2/N), six. (Y/N), two and you can't do it with the scarf on, it's dangerous that way," he said smugly. You glared at him angrily, the other not yet picking up the thread. "But professor, I feel a little sick and I decline getting it off," you replied a bit too whiningly. "Is it not to cover something?" Logan sneered, making you blush a little. "Don't start this," you seethed and pushed away his hand what was moving towards the back of your neck to undo the scarf. "Logan, are you finished with assigning the groups?" Cyclops asked unknowingly saving you and turning Logan's interest away from you. "1-0 here, professor," you whispered awaiting your friends' questions about this little scene...

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