Capture This (Book one of three)

Laura has this perfect life, she's finally getting over her dad's death, she has great friends, good grades and is starting to look forward to her future. Emma, on the other hand, is stuck in her ways, and moves across from Laura, can they help each other? Maybe be something more than just neighbours? All feedback is welcome :)


5. 5. Something good this way comes

“Laura, dinners ready."


"I'm coming," I call back. I sigh and climb off my bed, running my hand through my unkempt hair, making it even messier. My blonde tresses covering my eyes, shielding them from the sun as it starts to set. Even after this eventful day I trudge my way downstairs in my light grey slacks and baggy light grey Paramore top, black thin framed reading glasses perched on my face, and with a smile aimed at my mum who's serving dinner.

It's some meat on a white shiny dish surrounded by vegetables, with separate plates with potatoes and vegetables, and a gravy boat filled to the brim with thick vegetable gravy. I sit opposite Jack who's already loading his plate with the crispy potatoes.

"How was your nap, sweetie?" My mum approaches me, touching her hand to my forehead. "Your kind of clammy, why don't you take your dinner upstairs?"

"I'm fine mum, I'll eat here," I mutter, sipping my water distractedly as she continues to coo over me.

"If you're sure." She retracts her hand and hands me a knife and fork, I start to use them to gather my food onto my plate. I try and put on as much as I can but my mind is in another place completely.

I shuffle, feeling a foreign weight leaning against my side. I open my eyes, they're blurry and unfocused. I try and move but the weight moves, digging into my side sharper. I shiver and sit up, there's no longer any pain in my side, but there's an ache in my back and in my lower abdomen. My head is spinning and I grip it with my hands, holding it still. My blonde fringe smells, I wrinkle my nose at the stench and sit up straight, trying to focus on my surroundings.

Where the hell am I? I look down, I'm lying on a sofa, barefooted, a strange blanket covering me, and there's a person at the other end of the sofa. Dark hair sprayed all over her face, I can't really see her. She's thin, but not sickeningly, she has toned arms and a nice back. Her shirts rolled up exposing it to me. Her feet are next to my ass, they must have been what was poking in my side. I smile groggily and look around, I'm in a bedroom, there's a large bed in the corner next to an open door that leads to a balcony, and there're several other knickknacks, there's a wardrobe, drawers, a few shelves, a fireplace, a hammock, so much that I'd love to have in my room. No T.V which surprises me.

Usually every person has a T.V in their room.

"Oh, you're awake." I bolt up, staggering on my feet, the loud voice startling me. "Woah

." I look over to the girl, she's awake, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. "It's just me." Her voice sounds familiar.

Who's this?

"Where am I?" My voice is quiet and raspy.

"You don't remember?" She asks climbing up and stretching, showing off her toned stomach. "Well, where do I start." She smiles at me, motioning back to the sofa we both were sleeping on. "I don't bite, relax." I raise an eyebrow but join her on the sofa anyway, the blurriness in my head is making it hard for me to stand straight.

"Alright, well this twat was touching you up at Kimmy's party last night, so I pulled him off. You threw up, I couldn’t exactly take you to your house, so I brought you here. You crashed out as soon as you laid down, and I felt too bad sleeping on my bed when you were on the sofa so I joined you." She finishes, smiling at me. Her lips so soft. "I'm Emma."

"Laura. Thanks for this."

"N don't be. You just look after yourself. Want some breakfast?"

"I think I'm just going to go home."

"Okay, should I walk you?" She says, standing when I do and holding her arms out in case I fall. I bend down and grab my shoes, slipping them on with a bit of a struggle. She hands me the rest of my stuff and I straighten up with it in my hands. I push her arms away gently. Struggling to stand. What the hell did I drink last night?

"I'll walk you out." As she says that her arm brushes against mine eliciting a strangle tingle where her skin touched mine. It leaves me stuck for a few seconds. I soon gather my bearings and follow cautiously, we descend some curved stairs into a foyer, it's pretty huge with an open planned living room and kitchen. It's nice. It's really quiet. There's a faint smell of bacon. My stomach grumbles, announcing its hunger.

"Wanna eat?”

I fumble over her suggestion for a few seconds before opening her front door.

"I better get home; my mum doesn't even know I went out last night." Shit. She doesn't know. I'm going to have to make up some excuse about where I was, and not passed out on the neighbor’s sofa after drinking.

"Alright, well I'll see you around." Her smile is captivating and burns in my mind.

"Yeah, see you around."

What is this strange sensation in my stomach?

"Laura?" My mums staring at me, worry present in her eyes. I smile at her to ease it but it only increases. Jack notices and flicks a pea, hitting my shoulder, I glare at him mockingly and shove a forkful of potatoes into my mouth.

Oh wow, that's hot. I cough and splutter but swallow the fiery depths down into my stomach despite that it's burning through my insides.

"Where were you last night?" My mother asks.

Where did this sudden curiosity come from? Never cares before.

"I stayed at Amy's." Wait why did I say that? I keep eating, avoiding her burning eyes. She's starting to look angry and obviously doesn't buy my excuse about Amy.

I'm still confused why she's here. She's never here for dinner. Usually, it's me and Jack, not her.

I finish up quickly and put my plate in the sink, saying goodnight as I go up to my room. It feels empty, I yet again envision my dad. Him shuffling around, looking through the shelves of games to play, but he's not there. I wipe away a tear and try my hardest to ignore the pang tearing at my heart.

It hurts but he's in a better place now.

My phone on my nightstands comes to life, lighting the up my room in an array of colours. It's just my messages going off. I lock my phone; I don't want to talk to Taylor. After the patchy things I've managed to put together, he was an ass, he doesn't deserve me to talk to him right now, and not for a long while.

I have a couple texts from Amy, asking where I've been and if I'll be on tomorrow. I ignore her too. If it wasn't for her insistence I wouldn't have gone and made a complete fool of myself.


I threw up in front of her.

I bet I looked pretty.

I stick to some music and stare up at my ceiling, it's smooth with barely any cracks. I feel like covering it with posters but I'm not sure on who I'd like to put on there, Paramore, Fifth Harmony, Pierce the Veil, Hunger games, Batman or the Joker, how to train your dragon, the options are endless. I'm thinking of merging bands with suicide squad, the joker, The Hunger Games, insurgent and any other new films I'm fond of. Hmm maybe Harry Potter, I've always been a fan of that franchise, not vampire things, though, well at least not twilight, I'm more a fan of Interview with the vampire. That's more my style.

I shrug off my top and pull my duvet over me. After last night's antics, I just want to sleep this off and get some much-needed rest.


"Nooooooo!" He whines, dropping the controller to the floor, along with his knees. I snort. How grown up.

Jack is kneeling on the floor, head touching the carpet and pretending to cry. It's pretty much explained but I've beaten his ass at cod. And very badly. He never stood a chance. Over the last few months, I have gotten so much better and have thoroughly learnt how to kick this thirteen-year-olds ass triumphantly.

"You cheat." He cries.

I laugh and close the game.

"Am not. Anyways I've got to get to school." He pokes his head up and looks at me through his chocolate bangs.

"This isn't over." I snort.

"Sure it is."

I grab my coat off the back of the sofa. "See you later, mum," I call up the stairs. She hasn't left yet; I think she might have the day off. She doesn't answer back, probably having a lay in. If I could, I would do that too.

I close the front door, locking it behind me then I go to my baby. I can see Emma in her garden across the street, leaning against her car, a cigarette hanging from her lips. She's on the phone, she seems happy. Very happy. Something twangs in my stomach, it makes me feel a little sick. I look away from Emma and focus on getting in my car.

The sickly feeling in my stomach slowly goes away by the time I'm at school. I park near the door, well as close as I can.

I really don't want to be here.

I'll have to see Amy again, and Taylor. I can't bear to see him right now. Amy I might handle but him definitely not.

First is homeroom. I get there with ease, pushing passed a throng of bustling students.

I get to the door. Amy's sitting in our seat near the window.

I pluck up whatever courage I can and join her, plopping my bag on the desk then sitting next to her, as close to the window as I can. I can't even look at her. A very strong

"Morning Laura." I don't answer. I fiddle with the hem of my coat instead. "Laura?" Nope not going to say anything. "Don't ignore me." I still don't dignify her with an answer. "Fine. Talk to me later." She ignores me for the rest of the lesson but really doesn’t mind talking to anyone else. It hurts my heart but I can cope. I sip from my water bottle and pack up my bag when it's time to go.

I walk straight past Amy but she grabs my arm.

"You can't ignore me forever." Her eyes look sad.

"I can try." I bite back and tug my arm free. "I'll text you when I'm ready. And tell Taylor when you see him he has to stay as far away from me as he possibly can. don't want that prick near me." I leave the classroom, she tags along, sticking by my side despite me saying I'll text her when I'm ready to talk.

"What happened between you and Taylor? He's been like a kicked puppy for the last few days." She pipes up as we cut across a courtyard after a few minutes of awkward silence. I snort. He deserves to feel bad. "Was it something at the party?" No shit. I think bitterly.

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