The World with or Without Magic

It was a story of a non-magical boy and a magical girl who lives into this world, but unexpectedly those two meet up in person. But it wasn't easy having the main point of the process until the end, her mission was to eliminate the nighmares who were lurking around the town. Will they both survive or they will just meet their fate.


10. Chapter 9 - Rosae and Noah

 Rosae and Noah are walking around the hallway to find Charibel’s soul and they can’t seem to find her soul anywhere they go. But to make things sure about the main event on using their heads for finding the important place to find her soul, but at the same time they can’t find it.

“So Noah do you have any chance if we would try to find her soul upstairs?”

“Looks like it tho….. We need to disguise ourselves for that…”

 Noah said as Rosae nodded and find some new clothes for them to wear secretly like their new army as they carefully went upstairs, “So sir will you tell us the place to the other souls?”

“Yes madam it’s upstairs up to the second floor on the left.”

“Thank you.”

 Rosae and Noah quietly went upstairs up to the left and looked for the place for the souls immediately, and not what their expecting…

“You got to be kidding me……”

 Rosae was pissed off as Noah sweat dropped as they both went from the second floor on the left to the right but never find a single soul, “This. Is. Total. Shit.” Rosae sweared as they find another set of heavy stairs, “Do we really have to go up from the stairway of hell?!” Rosae said as Noah tried to calmed her down.

“Don’t worry Rosae, I’m sure that we will both find her soul.”

“I hope not so that I will wreck the fuck out of that stupid castle place….”

“P-please don’t go overboard…”

 Noah tried so much to calm Rosae down as they started walking up into the thir floor looking for the soul, but somehow Rosae can’t seem to get her patience up even longer as Noah tried to calm her down as they went upstairs to the next floor on top at the very toppest and the last floor. Completely this really pisses Rosae off as Noah feels like she will completely destroyed the castle since she place more than one bombs of each floor.

 Rosae felt like yelling and destroying the place but tried to keep her cool for Noah’s sake, but as usual it was not that easy finding the real soul of Charibel but the one thing they don’t noticed is that Rosae senced an aura right behind her. “You got to be fucking kidding me……. So you’re behind us this fucking entire time huh Charibel?!” She asked as the aura shows Charibel saying yes.

“…..You got to be shitining me…..” Rosae said in anger as Noah placed the last bomb on the middle of the room as Rosae looked at him, “Noah, this aura is coming with us as we are going to get the hell out of this bullshited castle got it?”


 Rosae placed the aura behind herself and started to carry Noah and leaped out of the window holding the remote control and wearing a parachute.


 She yelled and activated the bombs as the castle started to explode so very hard, since they both knew that Sir Zero requested Rosae to place a whole bomb just to cause them to have lesser armies. But as they landed safely on the ground and exited the gates of chaos and started to get ready to run, “Noah for safety wear this helmet….” Rosae said giving Noah the helmet as he looked at her in worried and wear it.

“What about you Rosae?”

“No need, my eye needs to scan the front and the back, so no complaining right now!” Rosae activated her floating engine as Noah get on and Rosae just to start riding back all the way to safety. Noah hugged Rosae as she started controlling her floating engine and saw the armies coming right behind them by riding in Chariots, that caused Rosae to immediately call the other characters to immediately came to their aid.

“This is Rosae. Riding back to the main place. Immediately bring the others since there is a lie about a few armies back there.”

 Rosae ended the call as it was replied immediately saying ‘were on the way now’ as Noah saw the armies trying to use their spears, “Rosae there about to attack us from behind!!!”

“I know that Noah now go right in front of me and hold my guns now!”

 Noah carefully slide his way just to hug Rosae from the front and grabbed her gun aiming nervously at the armies, he never felt this intense chase before as he immediately aimed at the spear monster using the bullets as it went and crash on the trees as he tried to go for another aim.  That was Noah’s first time to shoot a monster during the chase as he aim next at the other monster and tried to shoot, it aimed at the wheels two times as the Chariot monster went into the wrong direction.

 But before it was crashed up Noah immediately grabbed Rosae’s bombs and placed it into her side cannon and fired it at the monsters, immediately Rosae activated the bombs at the monsters so that they really explode. But as usual at the right timing the other appeared with their weapons luckily Rosae stopped her magic and activated her weapon including Noah, the other tried to beat the monsters while Rosae and Noah watched their backs incase of ambush.

 After the battle of many monsters, the gates where finally closed. Rosae and Noah cast a spell in destroying it by making it explode so that no monster will appear out of nowhere, “Finally…” Rosae said as she crused out of breath as Noah get an extra pack of blood and placed it on his neck with a transferring tube and relaxed on the ground.

“At least we had Charibel’s soul now, we just need to be sure that her soul is never destroyed.” Noah said as Rosae nodded in agreement while watching the soul of Charibel floating around revealing a real Charibel standing right in front of Rosae and Noah. “So Rosae, since you finally found me. Should we get back?” Charibel asked as Rosae nodded and gathered the group to finally get out of the chaotic forest.

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