The World with or Without Magic

It was a story of a non-magical boy and a magical girl who lives into this world, but unexpectedly those two meet up in person. But it wasn't easy having the main point of the process until the end, her mission was to eliminate the nighmares who were lurking around the town. Will they both survive or they will just meet their fate.


13. Chapter 12 - The Ritual and the War

“But as always, are you ready for the battle Rosae?”

“Ready as you are Cody.”

 Rosae and Cody started to walk together just to get ready for their mission, looking at their door they saw the other doing the same thing. “By the way Rosae, I was wondering about something…” Cody said as she looked up at him as she looked curious, “After the mission, can we get some pizza? I missed pizza so much.” He said as Rosae sweatdrop since Cody’s favorite food is totally pizza.

“Sure thing Cody, but it will be homemade or not?”


“Okay then, let’s go now.”


 Rosae and Cody finally went through the door and started to find the enemies base, but before they started Nick used telepathy thanks to his friend as he told them the total warning on not to attack the whole town just to rescue the innocent. All of them agreed and began the strategy as they used their spells just to make sure there is not one murdered. Rosae and Cody on the other hand started to think first before they started to invade.

“You know the drill Cody.” She said as he nodded and started to cast a spell that made a dark magic around the enemies base, “Not bad Cody.” She said as he nodded at her, “But remember we need to kill them fast or else the circle is gone.” He said as she nodded, “Got it.” Immediately on the bored Rosae and Cody started to used their magic just to invade the base, although they went in the base prepared. Rosae started to use her gravity surge and cause the weapons to be broken, but she noticed that the enemies are awake but as usual she used her gun just to kill them. Cody on the other hand started to fight them and used the remaining magic and used his dragon slayer abilities just to be sure that they are dead, but they didn’t end cause the danger is getting more intense for them to fight.

 Although they need to be sure that they are fighting back without injury, so he started to use his gun and started to shoot them as she prepared something. “Cody, I a going to place a nuke to the center of the base, be sure that you can make a way alright?!”


 Immediately on the timing hand she started to dashed her way to the center of the place as Cody on the other hand started to kill even more enemies, just at the right timing Rosae activated the nuke and started to teleport to Cody and grabbed his hand. “Nice timing Cody, now let’s get out of here so I can make it explode.”  She said as he nodded as they teleported at the back to the base as she immediately used the nuke just to explode it as she sighed and looked at Cody. “Let’s go Cody.” Rosae said as he nodded as they teleport their way to the main base of the tower.

 Charibel on the other hand who was now at Leon’s house started to stare at him, “Oh Leon…” She said as she float towards him and started to hug him, but she did not noticed that he was fully awake. “C-Charibel….” She gasped as she looked at the fully awake Leon who was looking at her, “Charibel? Why are you a soul/ghost?” That made her shocked as he looked at her, “L-Leon…. C-can you see me?” She asked as Leon nodded, “C-can you hear me?” Again Leon nodded as she was complete shocked about it, “H-how can you see and her me Leon!?”

 That asked makes Leon feel speechless, immediately he looked away and blushed. “L-let me just say that it was you who captured my heart….” He said as it made Charibel blush even more, “Y-your flirting Leon! I needed some explanations!” That won’t stop making Leon smirked at the blushing Charibel who was now teasing her, “Well the ever first day of our meet, is our best wedding anniversary~”


“And we will be having baby twins soon~”

“Hell NO! Leon!! Tell me the explanations!!!”

“Not until you have a seduction with me~”


 Charibel was fully embarrassed as Leon smiled and started to bring her closer to him, “Well a kiss will be your answer~ or maybe a pk seduction lovin~” He said as she becames horribly embarrassed, “Leo-!?” Before she evenly finished her sentence, Leon immediately kissed her as it made her blush even more. Before she evenly knew it she felt her body coming back to her own original body, she can’t believe that really happens. But it made her feel very happy to see that it was much more better to feel this way, gladly she kissed him back as she felt her original body filling her up as it was completely better. Leon on the other hand can completely feel her real lips touching his as he hugged her while kissing, Charibel on the other hand loved him so much and started to kiss him back  and hugged him like it was never the end.

 Finally they let go of the kiss and looked into each others eyes before they hugged each other and had each others embrace, but during the hug they are having Charibel noticed that there were tears on her shoulder as she knew that he was crying tears of joy. Leon on the other hand let go and looked at her while crying tears of joy before he smiled at her, “I am so happy, that I can see you again Charibel…” He said as he hugged her again that evenly made her looked at him first before she hugged him, she really had to admit that, she completely missed him so much.

“Yeah…. I messed you too Leon..” 

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