The World with or Without Magic

It was a story of a non-magical boy and a magical girl who lives into this world, but unexpectedly those two meet up in person. But it wasn't easy having the main point of the process until the end, her mission was to eliminate the nighmares who were lurking around the town. Will they both survive or they will just meet their fate.


11. Chapter 10 - Souls to Slove

 Finally they arrived back to the tower safely everyone is taking a short break just to relax, but Rosae looked at the soul and Charibel’s lifeless body. It made her feel something worse and she feared that it was going to be gone sooner, “Charibel, aren’t you going back to your original body?” She asked as Noah looked at them and looked confused at first before he realized that his twin brother told him that warning.

“Now that you mention it Rosae…… aren’t you going to your body?”

 It took her a while to find the remaining answer but it made her shook her head, “I’m cursed to enter to my own body….” She said as Rosae and Noah’s eyes widen, “N-no way…… are you serious?” She asked as Charibel nodded making Noah even more worries, “Yes I am, Rosae and Noah.” Charibel said as they both look at her in shocked.

“N-no way…..”

“Are you sure?”

“I am sure…”

 Charibel looked away in a little sad tone as Rosae and Noah began to secretly panick, “Rosae, what are we going to do now?!” Noah panicked as Rosae tried to find a way to bring the soul back to her body, “At this rate…… CHARIBEL WILL DI-!!!” Noah was about to cry and said the words but Rosae cut him off with a passionate kiss as the soul blush at that scene, finally she let go of the kiss as Noah’s face became complete red and fainted from the kiss as Rosae blushed a little and looked at Charibel.

“Charibel, since you’re a soul…. Can you appear to Leon’s dream instead?”

“H-huh why Rosae?”

“If he see you around him, he will be mad at me and Noah, this is might be for the best alright?” Rosae told her as Charibel looked at her for a while before she come up with a better answer to be honest, “Okay, I’ll be very careful.” She said as Rosae sighed in relief before she carried Noah in bridal style, “I’ll be better bring him to bed, please take care of your body alright?”


 She looked at her lifeless body before she gave it out a sigh and looked at the time, “I feel bored……” Charibel said as she looked at herself before she had a thought of something else, “Maybe….. I will tried something else…” She decided to find Noah’s twin brother on the process in order to find a way to get back to her lifeless body, so Charibel started to fly her way to find him. Although she was lucky to find him reading a book while meditating, but before she said a word.

“Charibel, I know you’re here…”

“Huh, I guess your good at sencing souls huh?”

“I always get used to that thanks to Leo.”

 Charibel float right in front of him as he looked at her, “Let me guess, that one spell that Rosae warned you allows your soul to be removed from your original body, am I correct?” He guess as Charibel nodded, “Your correct Nick, but can you find a book to let me go back to my body?” She asked as Nick closed his eyes and rub his chin, “There is  possibility, but it will took some time tho. Are you going to be fine with it?”

“Yeah. I’m sure, I just needed your help on there okay?”

“Okay then…”

 Nick started to open his book and cast a spell of a library and started to find a book while Charibel followed him, “So what book are you looking for Nick?” She asked as Nick looked at the shelf and picked up one book, “Well, it’s a book of souls. But it will take me time to fully read, so I’ll skim this one and find your problem answer alright?” He said and started to look through the pages as Charibel looked at him finding the right page, “Hmm…..” He tried to look for the page carefully and saw the high differences between it, “It seems to be a real possibility Charibel. In this page you need to do was to visit your loved one and asked him to kiss y-WHAT IS THIS THING?!” He yelled while blushed as Charibel looked at the words carefully and blushed madly, “N-no way, r-r-right?”

“This. IS. INSANE!!! How is that even possible?!”

 He tried to read it again until there is no other way for that part, “Okay then…. Charibel there is ONE way to make sure that you are back to your body.” He said as she looked at him, “Is that so?” “Trust me, there is no other way alright?” It took her a while to say yes before they went to the main room, “So Nick, how do I return to my body?”

“There is a big possibility on this, all you need to do was to visit him in his dream first, teleport him to your body, and then ask him to kiss you on your soul before you can feel your body coming back to you.”

 That made her blush so much she panicked and fly around the room as Nick sweatdropped and wispered, “I’m glad I don’t have to be reckless as you.” He said as she nodded, “I’m glad for you, BUT it was too EMBARRASSING for me already!!!” “I know, I know , but you had no other choice. Besides if you fail the ritual with him, you will completely die. And what’s even worse was, if you disappeared out memories will forget you, including HIM. So there is no other choice, you had three days left to do that before it’s too late.”

 She was speechless to answer that, but she had a feeling that there is no other choice, so she instead nodded and looked at him. “Alright then…. Now how do I enter his dream?” She asked as Nick rethink again before he replied her, “You all need to do was to recast a spell called ‘Redreamer’ then it will take you to him while he was sleeping. But if the spell failed it completely means that he is still awake, got it?” He said as Charibel nodded and thank him and fly away before he went back to meditation, although Nick had a bad feeling that Charibel and her crush will face horrible danger.


  He said as she appeared right in front of him, “Yeah Nick?”

“We need to act right NOW. Their coming to find Charibel and Leon.”

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