Like I was poison

Dette 'digt' skrev jeg, da jeg gik igennem et slemt brud med min daværende kæreste.
Det er skrevet på engelsk og er meget personligt for mig.

Alt konstruktiv kritik er velkommen!


1. Poison

Like I was poison, he removed me from his life faster than ever. As if his life was in danger with me by his side. Even after all the pain he had caused me, I could not let go of the thought of me and him.

As a venomous snake, I was thrown away. Not kept as a pet nor a friend. Not worthy of the time we had had together. Everything was gone, like a bullet going through, what you thought was bulletproof. Now it’s gone.

Trapped in a little box. Not to be found anywhere. I’m floating. I’m getting away. Soon all this will be gone. The pain, the sorrow, everything will disappear. We are lost causes, so lost, but we can’t be lost together. If we are, we will destroy each other. Only agony will be between our broken hearts. Even if we love each other, we have a doomed destiny.

I feel it under my skin. In my veins. It’s crawling. It will cause more and more pain, but I can’t leave it. I can’t leave, what wants to stay with me. Close to my heart, I will keep this aching feeling. My demons will stay with me. Unlike others, they won’t leave. And I’m honest, when I say, I’d rather be with them than anyone else at a time like this.

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