Peculiar Tales - Victoria, Rosalind and John

Runaway Lauren, Hugh Apiston and Joel-and-Peter co-authored book.
A book inspired by Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children


4. Day before the war Victoria's Perspective

The sun shined on me as soon as it had come above the tree line. I yawned and stretched a new day with new things to break and bend. I was strong, a small little girl as strong as anything. I headed to school excited with what the day would bring. 

I was early for once, taking the best seat in the house would be easy.

I walked into class 10 minutes early and as usual no one was in except for the teacher. I gave him a wave and a smile in which he returned as I sat in the front row. I noticed all the new students who came in, but not many acknowledged me. A boy eventually sat next to me and we got to know each other when A girl sat behind us and started talking about me. How rude. 

I swung around to her anger boiling up inside me. no no, this can't happen, not at school, not in front of everyone. I squeeze my eyes shut and mutter calming words to myself. I quickly un-ball my fists and speak calmly to the girl.  

turns out her name is Rose, I hope I can finally make some new friends. This is my start over and i'm not intending to waste it.

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