Peculiar Tales - Victoria, Rosalind and John

Runaway Lauren, Hugh Apiston and Joel-and-Peter co-authored book.
A book inspired by Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children


2. Day before the war in John's perspective

"John, get up for school!" 

I yawned and stretched. Today was another day of school. September 2 1940. I stood up and walked over towards my mirror, my feet now were almost completely gone. Where did they go?

I just got ready for school shoes and all. My feet seemed to be there just not visible. What will today's journey bring? Bullies? So I just ran to school hoping to avoid them. 

I walked up to the door and opened it. "No turning back." I muttered to myself. And sat down next to this girl, a girl who didn't speak or take any notice of me.

"Children, open your text books to page 105 please. Today we are learning about Cairnholm's history." Said the teacher.

I leaned over to a small girl with blue eyes and brown hair and whispered, "Can I look off of your book? Sorry I forgot mine." She just nodded and pushed her book towards me. "I'm John by the way." I tried to make conversation with her. She just smiled and put her hand out to shake. I took it gingerly, "Do you speak...?" and before I had the chance to finish she answered "Of course I do you bloody idiot! I just don't want to get in trouble." She blushed. "I'm sorry I snapped, It's a pleasure to meet you John, I'm Victoria." 

I was starstruck how could this girl go from so angry to kind in a few seconds and her grip it was as strong as a, a strong man in a circus. How could a timid little girl be so strong? 


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