A Place Beyond The Priory

 "A Place Beyond the Priory " This is a story about Life in North Shields during the 1900's-1920's Tom Farrow is a third generation coble fisherman, Who meets and falls in love with a young herring girl who has travelled from the isle of Barra in the outer Hebrides looking for work. Margaret Linnie, her two friends Kerstin McDonald and Beth Munro all end up on the gutting line in Tyne Brand - their unscrupulous foreman Albert Mortimer treats all the girls on the line like animals including his wife Lizzie who bares him 11 children. forced into a marriage she did not want, Lizzie is abused by Albert for his own sexual gratification. She was in love with a young Greek boy called Leonidas Kostalas whom she had known from her days at school and lost her virginity to but her father will not allow them to marry- this is a story of love and betrayal and will keep you riveted until the last page is read.


49. 49

Using his finger tips he edged the note into an envelope without touching the inside of the note.’

“Right Billy lets get you home to your mother; she will be wondering where you are.’ In future you must never ever get into a strangers car or go anywhere with anyone that you don’t know understand?’

“Am I going to get wrong off me mam?’

“No not this time but no matter how much money they offer you; you do go with them. “ Do you understand me Billy?’ “You are a very lucky boy as some boys never get to go home to their mam’s.’

“There are some nasty men out there son so beware.’

Billy finished his pop then handed the cup back to Mrs Samson. He walked slowly out of the fish shop then got into the car.

The officer drove the sergeant to number 9 West Percy Road. They escorted the boy to the door and told his mother who was about to clip her son.

“Don’t do that Mrs Thompson; we need your son to testify in court and it is vital that he’s unafraid. “ We’ve had a little chat about talking or going anywhere with strangers haven’t we Billy.’

“Aye we have mam and I won’t do it again; but what about my ten bob note?’

“We will get that back to you soon alright.’

The officer winked at his mother then walked to the gate; we’ll be in touch Mrs Thompson.



When the coach had pulled in at the car park; the ladies all got off first Father Peter waited until Iris got off before following behind. He could smell her perfume as they got closer. “There’s nothing like a good brisk walk to stir up the senses said the priest.’

“Do you really believe that father?’

“Yes I do; I like to go rambling when I’m on my day off. I free my mind of work and forget about everything.’

“I thought Gods work was never done?’

“Even a priest needs a spiritual break; why do you think I’m here.’

 “You have been working just the same haven’t you?’

“Maybe, but this is pleasurable work Iris.’ In the church it’s the same environment every day so trips like this strengthen the mind. The walk was eight and a half miles long and took in the rolling countryside and breathtaking landscape. There was a pathway which looked onto the fields. There was an abundance of wild life from seabirds to field mice. The barn owls and the falcons circled above them looking for prey. The walk took in the beach and they walked through the dunes and onto the beach at low tide. The seaweed and kelp littered the beach and they searched around the rock pools. Tiny shrimps and hermit crabs scurried under the sandy bottom. Father Peter lifted a few rocks and a large green crab came out with its nippers showing a defensive pose then quickly hid between the algae and seaweed.

Further on the women spotted two grey seals basking on the beach; some of the women went closer so they could take photos. The seals spotted them from one hundred yards and shuffled to the waters edge and swam away to a safe distance. Their heads bobbed up and down in the sea as the women clicked away with a brownie. They all made their way up the beach to the path that lead to the castle once inside the castle walls they walked into the large lounge with 16th and 17th century paintings on the walls. There was two large leather sofas and a table with three chairs. 

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