Friend or Crush?

Alice (Ali), a girl that lives in the suburbs of Minnesota meets a boy. The confusion of friend or crush starts forming.

5SOS not famous (yet). Set in United States, Minnesota not in Australia (sorry I'm from the United States so it just made it easier to write.)


5. Groups

Chapter 5:

Fourth hour started off like I expected. I got to class and I found a seat, and saved one for Em. I looked around the room and looked at the maps and all the statistics hanging on the wall. Ms. Darin a skinny medium height blonde woman stood at the door and greeted the students walking in. She wore Black wedges, a black long sleeve dress, and some patterned tights. I liked her outfit and started planing mine for the next day. As I was daydreaming when Em walked in and sat in the seat in front of me. And right behind her Luke and the black haired boy he sat with at lunch sat down Luke to my left and the other boy to Em's left. She turned around gave me a wide-eyed look and smiled. She whispered, "is that the guys from lunch?" I nodded trying to hide my smile. The bell rang and Em turned to face the front. Miss Darin walked to the front of the class room and said, "welcome every one! So for the first couple weeks we will have free seating but after that I will do seating by alphabetical order." I rolled my eyes. Because my name is Alice (Ali) Zale I either get put in the way back or in the front. I looked around the room and noticed Madison from third hour and then I saw Ethan. He was already looking at me when I saw him. His brown hair pushed back from him running his hands threw his hair. He gave me a warm smile and I did the same, then I turned back around to face the front. I thought to my self if Em were to see that she would question the hell out of me and say I told you so and that shit. All miss Darin covered in her speech was our past experiences with geography and what we were gonna cover this quarter. Last year I took honors geography but I thought to my self this should be a breeze considering the stuff Ms. Darin said we were gonna learn. Em on the other hand is amazing at math but is not so good and social studies and English. For me it's the opposite. Me, Em, and Jess would meet up by the local Caribou (coffee place) and drink lattes and work on homework together. I would help her with social studies and English, and she would help me with math and science. I texted Jess just thinking about doing homework scared me. I asked her, "caribou after school?" She replied back immediately, "YES!!!" We aren't supposed to be on our phones during class but the teachers don't really care. I tapped Em's shoulder, "caribou?" I asked. "Yes! I was just thinking that" she said. I leaned back in my chair taking a glance at Luke. He was wearing black skinny jeans, with a red flannel and a black shirt underneath, for his shoes he had a pair of completely black high tops. I examined his features and noticed he had a lip ring. "Woah" I thought to my self. I've always wanted a nose ring I should get one I thought. After my day dreaming sesh I looked over to his friend. He had black hair that was peaking out of a black beanie. He has chubby cheeks but a thin body. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a white shirt with a smiley face on it, the black beanie that he must had put on after lunch, and black vans. Luke and home both looked fairly tall. After Ms. Darin finished her lecture she suggested we split into groups of four. Me and Em automatically looked at each other. I looked around and saw that others were already paired up except Luke and his friend. Em asked, "hey guys do you want to be in our group?" She looked at me knowing that I had been looking at them. Luke said, "sure" and we all turned to face each other. Ms. Darin announced, "introduce yourselves. These people are your new permanent group for this term. I looked at Em and she had a wicked smirk on her face. Good lord, I know what's she's thinking. We started to introduce ourselves and I found out Luke's friends name is Calum. He was pretty cute but in kinda a boyish way. Once we were done it was time to pack up before the bell rang. Me and Em moved closer to the door waiting for the bell to ring. I nudged her, "dude why did you do that?" I asked. She said, "because I saw the way you two looked at each other. It's cute. And plus his friend is hot." I turned around to take a look at calum. "Sure I guess so" I said. The bell rang and me and Em left to go meat up with Jess so we could go to caribou.

Hey guys so I had extra time this week, so I threw in an extra chapter. Thank you so much for reading! -Wylee

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