Friend or Crush?

Alice (Ali), a girl that lives in the suburbs of Minnesota meets a boy. The confusion of friend or crush starts forming.

5SOS not famous (yet). Set in United States, Minnesota not in Australia (sorry I'm from the United States so it just made it easier to write.)


7. Ethan's Glare

Chapter 7:

When I woke up to my alarm I almost threw it across the room. I got up (after hitting the snooze button like a million times) and picked out my outfit and laid it on the bed. I walked into my bathroom (yes I have my own bathroom) and took a shower. After I took a shower I blow dried my medium length blonde hair and then straitened it (yes I know it's horrible for my hair but my hair is a weird mix of curly and straight.) then I did my makeup. I went for a more subtle (kinda) look to go with my outfit. I put on concealer, powder, a little blush, a light brown eye look, a little winged liner, mascara, and just some chap stick. After I did my makeup I put on my clothes for the day. A navy blue skirt, black crop top that went to the hem of my skirt, black jean jacket, black tights, and black booties (that made me look taller than I actually was because Im 5'2.) I felt like a model. I packed up my bag and headed down stairs. My dad was watching the news and my mom was making my brothers lunch. I put together my lunch consisting of a turkey sandwich, an apple, and some Cheetos. I put my lunch sack in my backpack, grabbed a breakfast bar and went out to my bus stop. When I got to school and I found my group of friends. They were talking about homecoming. I walked up and Jess said, "damn girl you look hot! Is this for Luke?" "No, I just wanted to not wear my usual sweatshirt", I said. After me and the girls caught up on a few things we planned on meeting at Jess' locker after school and while Jess and Em are at caribou I would be with Luke like he asked me to. I walked to my homeroom and I noticed Luke standing by what I assume was his locker. I walked over to him and and leaned against the locker next to his. "Hey", I said. "Hey what's up", he said in his accent. "You look really nice today." I blushed and said, "thanks." We started walking towards our homeroom class and I asked, "so, what were you planning on having us do tonight?" He said, "well maybe we could go to the park with my friends. Or we could go to that little strip mall by the school. You could see if your friends could come." "That sounds fun. I quickly started texting Jess and Em asking if they wanted to hang out with me, Luke, and his friends. A couple seconds later I got a reply from Jess "Sorry we were just gonna go to caribou and stalk the senior guys, but have fun with Luke." I turned off my phone and we took a corner towards our room and low and behold Ethan was right there. Me and him collided. Good thing I was short because my head just hit his chest. I looked up giving a sorry expression and he laughed. I said sorry and he said it was fine and we walked our separate ways. I glanced back and noticed he did the same.We made eye contact until one of his friends pulled him into a head lock. I looked front and kept on walking with Luke. We got to our homeroom and took our sets next to each other. The bell rang and the teacher came to the front of the room and started asking how the fist day went. I looked at Luke but before I fully turned my head I noticed he was already looking at me. I quickly looked front because I didn't want to make eye contact. When homeroom was done me and Luke walked to math together. On our way there we passed by Jess who gave me a wink and Em who had a smirk in her face. When we got to math I saw both Clara and Amelia's draws drop. I reached them and sat down. Clara said quietly so Luke couldn't here, "so are you and Luke a thing." I said, "no but we're hanging out after school." "That's so cool," Amelia said. I nodded and turned back around. The teacher started talking about the homework last night and about the homework for tonight. I started looking around the room and got distracted. Luke must have seen me looking at the wall because he whispered to me, "this class is so boring right." I turned slightly so he could here me, "I know I've been staring at the wall for the last 5 min." He laughed and turned to look back at the teacher. About an hour passed an we learned how to calculate the area of a prism. It was time to turn in last nights homework. I got mine out from my backpack and just as I was gonna get up from my chair Ethan came over to my seat and offered to turn in my homework. I nodded and he took my paper. Just when he was gonna leave the area I saw him give Luke a nasty look. I glared at him and Ethan gave me a smile. I turned around to face Luke. "Sorry about Ethan. He can kinda be a little protective even though we're not dating," I said. "It's ok. I get it," Luke said. The bell rang and we all got up from our seats. Luke asked me, "so what class do you have next?" "Orchestra. I know it's nerdy," I said. "No it's cool. So what do you play?" He asked. "Violin," I said. "Cool, I'll see you at lunch," Luke said. I nodded and turned to Clara as we walked to orchestra.

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