Rosco the Rascal Goes to Camp

Ten-year-old James and his seven-year-old sister, Mandy are off to summer camp with their loyal German shepherd, Rosco. While Mandy struggles with homesickness, James's week is threatened by a prank-playing bunk mate's antics. But during an unexpected thunderstorm in a game of capture-the-flag, the prankster finds himself lost and alone deep inside the forest. Rosco must play the hero and save the boy but not before he teaches him a hard-earned lesson about friendship. Wholesome, adventurous, outdoor fun, this Rosco the Rascal tale brings the magic of summer camp to life.
*136 pages
*Recommended for ages 6-10


16. Sheriff the Spy

Not far away, from behind a bush, a large bullmastiff watched with great interest. He wore a red bandana around his wide neck. His sturdy paws were covered in mud, and his thin brown fur was soaking wet.

Sheriff had been out in the woods with some campers from his team when the storm hit. He was heading back home when he’d heard the boy’s shouts and went to investigate. He was quite surprised when Rosco arrived at the boulder hill at the same time, just a few steps ahead of him.

Rosco had been too concerned with Jeffrey to notice Sheriff.

So, Sheriff, curious to see what Rosco might do, had stayed hidden and witnessed the whole scene.

Well, how about that? The oversized pup must be more intelligent and gracious than he’d thought.

Watching Rosco think quickly and help the boy, especially since it was the same boy who’d played nasty tricks on the other kids all week, well, that sure took something, all right, Sheriff figured.

Sheriff had taken note of Jeffrey’s lack of character all week. He knew Rosco could’ve easily left the boy there to fend for himself, considering the trouble he’d caused for James and Mandy.

He could’ve even taken the easy route and just gone back to camp to alert the counselors by barking and then taken them to Jeffrey. He could’ve let them deal with the boy.

But that would’ve caused Jeffrey even more embarrassment. And it would’ve left him out in the rain, all alone, for an even longer time, scared and helpless. No, Rosco definitely handled things in the most considerate way.

Sheriff thought that he just might need to give Rosco a second chance. Maybe he’s not so bad. Maybe Sheriff had been silly to think that Rosco would want to take over his territory. Rosco sure didn’t seem to want to take over anything, if Sheriff really thought about it.

Sheriff watched as Jeffrey and Rosco climbed down the rocks. Well, gosh, now would be as good a time as any, he thought. He waited until they reached the trail, and then ran to catch up to them.

“Well, hey Sheriff, what are you doing out here?” Jeffrey said in surprise, stopping. “We thought you’d be back at camp by now with everyone else.”

Sheriff stood there, panting, looking at them. His long tongue stuck out. A little drool escaped from his chops. But his mouth was turned upward, almost in a smile.

What’s gotten into him? Rosco thought.

Jeffrey reached over and petted Sheriff softly on the back. “Come on, boy, we’re heading back to camp. Walk with us.”

Sheriff fell in line next to Rosco as they followed the trail. Rosco glanced his way, and this time Sheriff really did smile, in the way that only dogs can smile. “Ruff,” Sheriff said. All right, Rosco, let’s head back.

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