Lau Udon

My name meaning "Hot pot" isn't what bothers me. It's the "u" at the end of "Lau". It ruins the look. Then there's my last name. It totally ruins the look of my first name. Why would "Udon" be on a name anyways? It's better when it's edible. #Note# With that being said, I need some ideas for continuing this story, please write some ideas in the comments TT^TT I need them!! This author here is dyyying TT-TT #Note#


1. Prolouge: Paper planes to airplanes?

Heyz. I don't even know why I'm greeting you. Why am I greeting you? Who are you? Wait, don't answer that, I don't really care anyways. My name is Lau Udon. Translated to english: Hot Pot Udon. I was born without a name, so I told my first friend to make me a name. He asked me what kind of name I wanted, and I ended up saying "tasty" because I was eating ice cream. That's the story of how I got my tasty name. Yes I know, you probably don't care about me and my history, but you have to listen anyways, my decision, don't judge! I was born in the more poor part of the US. Somewhere. Sorry, I don't know where actually. My friend is pretty rich, so he gave me a place to stay, and now, I'm currently on an airplane. I think. Here's a test to see if you are intelligent enough to read my story. Answer these questions and you pass!:

1. Why can't I go outside and eat those tasty looking fluffy things in the air right next to the "airplane". Here's a hint: Yes, we are somehow in the air!

2. Guess if I'm a boy or a girl

3. Is this a question?

Now, If you answered number 1 correctly, then you actually pass. The other two questions were just there to annoy you. You can get the answers to the other two questions as well actually. Answer to number 2: Actually I don't know if I'm a boy or a girl. I don't even know the difference. If you want an answer, please ask my rich friend later. His name is Katherine Gollien. Answer to number 3: ... I know the answer, I know the answer, just give me a sec... Ehm... no? (The actual answer is yes! -Katherine)

Either way, If you made it this far, I guess you passed my test! Congratulations! This proves that I'm far superior to you because I'm much more clever! (What are you talking about? -Katherine) Stop meddling in my story Katherine!! (Sorry... Btw, I'm a girl, not a boy, despite him saying "him" all the time... -Katherine) What? Katherine is a girl?? Then what am I? Wait, just forget that. If you absolutely hated this first chapter, say so in the comments. If everyone hates this chapter, I will not continue writing. Haha, just kidding, I don't care about your opinions, I'm gonna continue anyways! (You know, you're being really mean and unpolite right now... -Katherine) What do you care? It's my story!

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