Broken Promises.

Random (sort of) family fluff to do with The Force Awakens. Haven't even decided what's going to be in it yet.


4. 3

Rey stopped, hardly daring to believe it. The keys must've fallen out of the General's pocket when she left. A bubble of excitement rose in her chest, swelling to the size of her torso... And then being extinguished by doubt: Rey hated prying. Absolutely hated it. And the thought of doing it now.... Well maybe this would be her last chance.... But she couldn't go alone, nor did she even know which doors the key's opened...
"What's that, Rey?"
Rey jumped rather guiltily and clutched the little trio of keys to her chest. But when she saw it was only Poe, she showed him. "Where do you think they lead? They must've fallen out of General Organa's pocket when she ran out."
Poe peered at the keys interested. "I don't know... It's odd: I've never seen them before and there's only three of them..."
"Why's that odd?" Rey demanded.
"Well, the General has a huge ring full of keys... And as these ones are all from the same type of metal, there's only three, and these keys are separate from all the others..."

"So?" Prompted Rey.

"So... They could lead somewhere personal. Like into-"

Comprehension dawned on the scavenger in one excited 'oh!' "Like into Han, Ben and her own, rooms!"

Poe beamed at her "Exactly! C'm on! I think I know where the rooms are! It's investigating time!"



Kylo Ren was restless. He could sense that that scavenger was up to something, but he didn't know what. He hated not knowing things, especially if those things were about Rey.

What was worse, was the fact that Kylo's power was draining, vanishing, and Supreme Leader Snoke was not content with Ren's new level of poor ability.

Ever since Rey had beaten him on Star killer base, he'd felt less intimidating than usual, and, although, Kylo had tried his hardest to keep everyone in order, somehow, rumors were still going around.

Ren blamed General Hux. 

It had been his stormtroopers that had started them, his stormtroopers that weren't behaving.

Kylo was sick of Hux and Phasma whispering about him behind his back.

If only he, Kylo Ren could get revenge...

But, unfortunately, Captain Phasma was annoyingly calm at all times, even when kylo threw one of his temper tantrums, and so getting revenge on her, would be very nearly impossible.

And General Hux was so big-headed, anything Ren tried, would simply bounce off him. It might make him jealous... Kylo Ren supposed, but then... Hux was already jealous...

Of him. Kylo thought smugly. Kylo'd overheard Hux complaining to the Supreme Leader about it.

But revenge.... Smash up everything???? Not big enough. Get them into trouble? No. Or maybe?

He could try smashing things up as it had worked last time... But only on Hux... And it had made him angry. Really angry...

They'd had a row in the middle of a very important meeting held by Captain Phasma. She really hadn't been happy....

In the end, they'd all got into trouble with Snoke because of "Childish behavior" which hadn't been particularly fun.

Kylo supposed he'd have to think of a good plan another time, instead.



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