Broken Promises.

Random (sort of) family fluff to do with The Force Awakens. Haven't even decided what's going to be in it yet.


3. 2.

As Rey entered the base, she allowed herself to be screen-checked before looking around for General Organa.

Spotting her filing some papers into a drawer in the far corner of the left hand side of the room, Rey went over to her. "Um... Excuse me, General..."

Leia turned around in surprise and, upon seeing Rey, hugged her briefly. "How was it? Are you okay?... Oh no! You're not hurt, are you?!" 

Anxiously, Leia began checking Rey over for any signs of bruises, cuts or burns.

Rey massaged her shoulder; the General hugged hard.

Misinterpreting her action as a sign that the scavenger had  been hurt, Leia began examining the place that her hand rubbed.

"I'm fine... You?" Rey hastily reassured her. But she regretted asking when she saw General Organa droop slightly.

"What? Me? Oh... I'm fine..." Leia replied.

Rey nodded, but she knew that Leia wasn't fine. Poe had been telling Rey something about medication fairly recently and although immensely powerful at using the force, Leia...



...,since Han had died, hadn't been quite as good at hiding her emotions as before and now was as readable as an open book that had been written in large, clear print.

"Oh, well... If you need an extra pair of hands to manage the stress and all that, I'm free 'till this afternoon when we begin the attack on the First Order," Said Rey gently as Poe Dameron's x-wing landed and he disembarked.

"Morning, General. Rey!" Poe waved cheerfully at the two women and came over. "Uh... General... Are you alright?" Worriedly, Poe peered in Leia's face.

The General was staring into space and, for reasons Rey and Poe had no idea about, looked as though she was about to cry. Poe and Rey exchanged glances, neither of them saying anything to each other.

The large, hairy form of Chewbacca arrived, knocking people in all directions as he came over and gently pulled Leia into his arms.

All around, people had stopped working to stare at the commotion in the far left corner of the room. 

Chewie growled at several of them and shielded Leia from view, so that only Poe and Rey (this was the least amount of people the wookie could possibly get watching) could see.

It didn't take people long to realize that General Leia Organa was actually in tears and whispers started to run around the room.

Rey and Poe moved in closer and tried to comfort her, but the General pushed them aside and hurried out of the room, brushing past a very bewildered-looking Luke Skywalker as she did so.


As Rey, made to leave too, something glinting on the floor caught her eye and she stooped down and picked it up. It was a little, golden key-ring and, strung upon it, were three  perfect, tiny, golden keys...



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