A new form of love.

Blaze Hunkins is a school rebel, always getting into trouble. Blaze, however is bullied for her personality by Layla defrost. Layla is dating the school quarter back, Zane. who hates Blaze's gut and bullies her to.
But, a new friend comes along, his name is Axel Monfreash and he is the world sweetheart. Axel walks in on Blaze getting bullied and tries to stop it. How will this end up? Read to find out.


3. Chapter 2: Thank You...

I heard distant talking, only belonging to one person though.

The more i listened the more i could make out what the person was saying.

"Oh my gosh, Oh my god, W-what do i do? What do i do? Oh god she's bleeding uh um H-hey are you okay?" I could heard him ask. My eyes fluttered a bit before opening so i could see. I saw a blonde kid on his knees next to me with his hands out over my body and i narrowed my eyes and smirked.

"No touching Lover boy. This not your property.." I said and looked up at him though my eyelashes to see his face covered in a sleet of pink.

"N-No! N-Not that way! I-I didn't mean that- I mean i didn't know what to-" I glared at him which he caught and shut up.

"One, stop talking. Two, What are you doing and Three, I'm joking." I signed and softened my look once i saw a flash of fear in his eyes and smiled a big smile, showing my un-normally sharp K-9's and back teeth.

"Chill and help me will ya'?" I asked and held up my hand which he took an pulled me up, Huh, i just recognized i'm in a bed. The school bed.

"How did i get her?" I demanded the boy next to me making him jump and nodded.

"O-Oh! I uh- carried you here...." he said shyly blushing, causing me to sign and swing my legs over the bed and stand up.

"H-Hey! You shouldn't be getting up!" The kid said, i ignored what he said and asked my question.

"What's your name kid?"

"oh uh um I-I'm Axel.."

"So Alex's L and X switched? Cool." I said walking past him and ruffling his Blonde hair, causing a blush to come on his cheeks.

"I-I guess so..." He muttered to himself quietly. Suddenly his head came up to stare at me.

"What?" I ask,

"Why were those people hurting you?" He asked tilting his head a little.

"I'm the Bullied Punk around here. I get that every day, well, almost every day." I sign and look at him with a sad look in my Blue green eyes.

"But Why?"

"Because, I'm....Different."

"How are you different?"

"I have no Parents."

"What...." Axel said quietly.

"It's been like that since 3rd grade. It's not so bad after all. Nobody to tell you what and what not to do, nobody to scowl you, nobody to hold you back for doing anything. it's nice." I sign looking up at the ceiling.

"But, doesn't is get lonely?" Axel asked leaning to me a bit.

"Yeah, all the time. Nobody is there next to you, to hold you, or tell you it's okay.." I said looking away from Axel, tears were begging to freed from my eyes.

"Blaze..." Axel said sadly.

To late, my tears made it through the bars in my eyes and down my cheeks to freedom. Axel looked to me and saw my tears down my face and got up and then....did something that made my eyes widen in shock. I haven't felt this feeling in five years...

Axel hugged me. He hugged me tightly as if he let go, i would disappear into thin air. I slowly moved my arms to put around his neck and pull his head down so my rested in the crook of his neck, my tears ran down my face and onto his shirt.

We stood like that for a while before i slowly pulled back and stared at him, Axel had a soft smile that went with his eyes and said softly...

"Even the strongest people, need a shoulder to cry on.." and hugged me again, his arms holding onto my upper back and mine over his shoulders and connecting together.

"Axel..." i said in his ear


"Thank You....." I whispered and hugged him tighter, a stray tear ran down my cheek and onto his shirt along with its family. The family i didn't have. But...

Now I have Axel...

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