My Puppy Love

Jacob imprinted on Edward. Jacob is in love with Edward so he is not surprised about this. Jacob doesn't want to tell Edward in fear of being rejected but he doesn't know his feelings aren't one sided

+ Jacob has long hair
+Bella bashing.
+Edward x Jacob and Jasper x Seth.


1. Prologue

I have imprinted on someone. Usually when you find out who your perfect match is. However in my case I can't be with my imprint nor because I don't like them but because they are dating my best friend. I couldn't hurt her.

No matter how much pain I feel I will not get in the way of there relationship. Eventually I will break apart I will have to accept it because even if they weren't dating he would never love me it just won't happen.

My father knows and so does my pack they are ok with it but are worried about me. I wish I could change my fate but I can't bear the rejection so I better avoid it all together and bear this emptiness.

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