Bad Girl's wrath

At a young age I understood that people liked me, a lot. It must have been my family's wealthy lifestyle, or the fact that my dad was a celebrity. As any child would, I took advantage of it. Picking the coolest friends, and of course, boyfriends. I used my power to reign the school, showing them who their Queen B was.

I used to love my life, but it came to an sudden end as I got bored. Bored of the same old people, with the same old dream to one day become me. Yes, I could have any guy I wanted, and all the things I craved, but It felt like something was missing. Until I met Noel


2. Chapter 1



I opened the school's main door, while flipping my hair and smacking my lips. As always all eyes were on me. The adrenalin kick I felt as my fellow students adored my outfit of the day was the number one thing that kept me going. My urge to reign was the closest I come to feel passion. Not that I didn't feel it in other ways.


As I approached my main group of people I marked my entry by saying, "What's up, bitches". They all answered, "Not as much as you," in the same fake, enthusiastic tone as always. After the daily round of french greetings I was updated on the latest gossip. "Did you guys hear that Ian hooked up with at least ten girls at the party last Friday?" one of them bursted out. "Oh. My. God." we said together and giggled. Another girl looked determined at the crowd as she said, "He is such a manwhore!". We all laughed agreeing to what she said.


You may notice the lack of names. Well, that's because "my group of people" were constantly changing. You would be surprised by the endlessness of the cycle of cool people gaining and losing popularity. Since my crowd needed to be the best of the best, I had to deal with it.

My actual friends were all at least a year older than me. That's the people I spent my "free time" with. The ones I had fun with - late movie nights, legendary parties, etc. Those kind of things you do with the people you have a bond with. The greatest of them all were London. We had literally spent all our years together. Considering the gap of two months, something that made her get a year ahead of me in school, the age difference had not had much impact on our friendship. Our families were both quite wealthy, so we lived in the same neighborhood. Which gave us the chance to hang out almost every day.


"What about you, olivia - What will you wear?" a girl asked, hoping to consive all my secrets. Quickly, I put the question in context, realizing that they must have started to discuss the coming party this Saturday. I answered in a confident tone, "A little black dress, paired with nude stilettos." I choosed not to reveal too much about the main detail, a fur coat. I just guessed they would dress halfway decent anyways. As the school bell rang, indicating the start of the day, we said our goodbyes and prowled down the hallway.




Ever since I started high school I quit dreaming of finding Prince Charming. The one and only person, who I would know from the very first moment were the right one. Let's just say I decided to gain some experience instead. I had never had a hard time attracting hot boys, so I just grabbed the chance. Considering my permanent position as Queen B, I could do what I wanted. Nobody judged me, because I showed them the standards – What was acceptable and not. Therefore, nobody has ever had the balls to criticize my hooking pattern.


I had had relationships, but I tended to get bored easily. And well let's face it, high school-boys were not in their most interesting years. Neither did they want to experience as much as us girls, nor feel the same things. They were satisfied by the simple things, like missionary. Joking. My point is that I want something more and broader. Increasing both my current amount of memories and sexual encounters. 


"Liiiv, I'm here!" I heared from the hallway, immediately followed by a rumbling noise moving up the stairs, and stopping by my bedroom. A gentle knock on the door right before it was pushed wide open. "You better be decent," London said as she jumped into my bed and embraced me. After a while I feel her grip loosen as she whispers, "It has been way too long since I've seen you." I laughed and reminded her, “We met yesterday.”



I'm sorry this chapter was a little short, the next one will be longer 
Hope someone does enjoy reading this, considering the fact that I'm just writing it to make the perfect story🐘 The one in my head haha


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