*Smutty stuff in here* This is just about me and my most recent dating and sexual experiences. Honestly, it's a lot of failed relationships and a lot of sadness but it's my life so idk.


23. The Past Few Weeks

Okay, so since my last update a lot has happened and at this point, I don’t really remember any of it.

A few weeks ago I met one of his friends and we went and got a taco from a seriously overpriced place and then we went to Applebee’s at like 11pm and stayed until they closed at midnight.


A few days later (or maybe the next day idk) Stan’s step-dad wanted to meet me officially and so I went over to his place and his mom, his step-dad, Stan and I watched the movie Why Him and it was pretty funny but I felt awkward laughing at some of the parts with his parents there.

I slept at his house that night.


I don’t really remember anything from there until last week Wednesday (April 12th, 2017) (at least it was last week Wednesday when I started writing this) when he picked me up from class and then we decided to go back to his home in Iowa to get his swim trunks so we could go swimming at my dad's house the next day.

So Stan and I head to a place in Iowa that was a little more than two hours away and he called his grandma to tell her that we were coming and she told him that one of us would have to sleep on the couch, which was completely okay with me but Stan decided that he would be the one to sleep on the couch and so he didn’t want to sleep there because it would’ve been uncomfortable.

We ended up sharing a loveseat at his friend's house, but we’ll get to that part in a second.

Actually, more important shit has happened that I want to type up so I’ll just give you the highlights of that night.

We met at Walmart where one of Stan’s friends who was 21 bought a case of beer.

Then we headed to another person’s house and sat around for like half an hour as the guy celebrated his sister’s birthday.

Then we headed into the country and to a small house with a separate garage, and we went into the garage and everyone drank.

It was Stan, three of his guy friends, and myself.

His friends smoked weed and one of them got super fucked up, both high and drunk and he wasn’t supposed to be drinking with the steroids he was on.

We played UNO from about midnight till 2am before we switched to drinking games where I drank. First, it was a mixture of vodka and cream soda and then it was straight Hot Damn! which is a cinnamon schnapps liqueur. I don’t remember the games we played, I think one was Irish Poker and the other was something like Kings Cup but I’m not sure.

And then at 4am, we headed into the house and Stan’s friends took the bed, the long couch, and the recliner and left him and I the two-seater couch where we uncomfortably slept for three hours before we left and headed to his grandma’s house.

We got there and she wasn’t home and so I went to do some homework that I was meant to do last night but didn’t because I just didn’t want to.

My dad called me and him and I got into an argument and I started crying. Stan walked in and saw me cry for the first time and comforted me by rubbing my leg as I was on the phone with my friend who was also comforting me.

His grandma and little four-year-old cousin walk into the house and I send him out to talk to them while I make myself look presentable and when I heard my name mentioned, I walked out. I knew my face was still red from crying but props to his grandma for not mentioning it.

His grandma gave Stan and I each an Easter present which was super sweet and then her and Stan went to do some yard work while his little cousin Emma and I played games.

We left after about two hours and headed to my dad’s house.

Long story short, Stan was uncomfortable there because my dad is fairly rich. Like, we have a pool, a half-sized basketball court, three giant murals’ in my basement, and a room dedicated to bourbon. Not to mention the Bentley in the garage.

So after the house tour and briefly meeting my dad, Stan hid up in my room for 45 minutes while I talked with my dad.

Then we left and went back home.


I don’t really remember much since that until now other than these things:

We had a sushi date where I got him to eat sushi even though he previously claimed to hate it.

We also had really really quiet sex because his mom was home and it was nighttime and she was sleeping.

And then there was a shitload of confusing texts and me getting ignored that lead to me breaking up with him last night (April 25th, 2017).

But we’ll get to that part in the next update.

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