*Smutty stuff in here* This is just about me and my most recent dating and sexual experiences. Honestly, it's a lot of failed relationships and a lot of sadness but it's my life so idk.


9. Bitching Session About Stan

Okay guys, this is a bitching one so if you’re just here for the smut, you can disregard this chapter.

Stan is sort of pissing me the fuck off right now.

So, he didn’t leave until Wednesday morning, but he was somehow unable to hang out with me at all, and I’m almost positive that he didn’t want to tell his parents that he was going to go and hang out with some random chick who he had had over without their knowledge. Now, don’t get me wrong, he’s 20 and I’m 19 and so it’s not like we’re children, but it was still his parents house he was at so he should’ve told them he was having someone over.

And I get that he didn’t want to hang out because he probably though that it would have to be at his place, but after he blew me off the SECOND time, the conversation went like this:


Me: Do you want to hang out?

Stan: Replacing my mom’s brakes

Me: okay

Stan: I’m sorry :(

Me: It’s okay, and don’t worry. If you’re free when your done I’d love to hang out and it doesn’t have to be at your place since your mom and step dad are home.

Stan: Okay, and now I gotta go to mom’s work and meet everybody I guess

Then he proceeded to say something like, ‘Maybe we can hang out later,’

And I sent him back a smiley face and he sent be back two smiling emoji’s.

Now, at the time, that text made me happy (Oh, I finally got his number. I got it towards the end of the second date when I pointed out to him that I didn’t have it.)


A few hours later, he texted me something like, ‘what are you up to?’ which, of course I thought meant that he was about to ask me to hang out so I was really happy, but NOPE.


So, long story short, its been about three weeks now and I still haven’t seen him. Every time I have an uber ride, I use it as a therapy session so I can just bitch about him to random strangers. The best advice I got was to ask him to marry me for a day, and the guy was like 100% serious about it too.

At one point during week like one and a half of not seeing him, I had a freaking serious crisis where I talked on the phone with my friend for like an hour while texting Stan.


The converstation was basically me telling him that I wasn’t sure if he actually likes me or not, and he responded, “I like you a lot.”

So that made me happy.


About five days ago, he was in my dad’s town (and I was there too) and we sort of had plans to hang out, but then he canceled on me. He didn’t even tell me he wasn’t able to hang out until I snapped him and said something like, “My dad just went on his date so if you want to hang out, it’ll have to be while he’s gone.”

And no, I wasn’t keeping him a secret from my dad, my dad just didn’t want to meet him yet.


A couple days ago (so like two days after he canceled on me), him and I didn’t chat at all. I had sent him a good night snap the previous day, and he didn’t read it until about four hours after I sent it and then he didn’t respond.

So, we went a day without talking (I wasn’t going to message him first because it was his turn to respond) and then when we started snapping again, it was only like five messgaes throughout the whole day.

The next day was Valentines Day, and my thought processs what that he could fix me being annoyed at him (he was unaware of me being annoyed at him) by asking me to be his Valentine.


The next day, we didn’t talk at all again, and I refused to message first since it was his turn to respond.


By now, we’ve sort of gotten back into the rhythm of messaging each other in a timely fashion.

But I’m still annoyed with him.


That is, until about an hour ago.



(A/N this took me a few days to type out)



Stan sent me a snap (and posted it on his story). It was of him driving, with the caption of ‘______ bound’ (The blank if the name of my town)

So I snapped him back saying something like, ‘What are you headed here for?’

And you’ll never guess what he said.

‘I’m moving here.’


I about squealed in joy like a little kid in a candy store for the first time. I had to calm myself down before sending him a snap back saying, ‘That’s awesome!’ (originally it was in all caps but I felt like that was a little over-enthusiastic so I changed it to lowercase.


Now, I didn’t expect this to be happening with so little warning. Like, yesterday he was in my dad’s town an hour away (I wasn’t there at the time since my dad didn’t make me come home for the weekend) for a concert. He invited me to the concert, but since he was going with five of his friends, and it was Metal music, I didn’t go.





(A/N UPDATE as of 9:36 pm on 2-18-17)


Stan is here now, and I haven’t seen him in person yet but he’s all moved into his mom and step dad’s house. I just snapchat videoed with him for an hour because I had to interview someone for a school assignment so I chose him (I could’ve chose anyone, but I chose him as an excuse to learn more about him).

As him and I talked he was smoking him the garage and when his step dad came out to smoke and asked him who he was talking to, he told them that he was talking to me, which means that HIS PARENT’S KNOW ABOUT ME AND HE DIDN’T KEEP ME HIDDEN LIKE I WAS AFRAID HE WOULD!

I’m so fucking happy right now, you have no idea.

I’m actually having to calm myself down because it just makes me so happy.

And him and I haven’t done anything other than snapcaht message (with the occasional picture message) since we saw each other last like three weeks ago, so I’m just really happy.

I would’ve asked him if him and I could hang out tomorrow, but tomorrow is my dad’s birthday and my sister and I will be spending the entire day with him playing Pokémon Go… just kill me now. I used to love that game, but my dad has made me play it so much that I’ve grown to hate it.



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