*Smutty stuff in here* This is just about me and my most recent dating and sexual experiences. Honestly, it's a lot of failed relationships and a lot of sadness but it's my life so idk.


22. April 4th-April 6th

Okay guys, so Stan and I shared a bed three days in a row. I’ve already told you about the first day, but here’s the other two.

Also, I think that Stan is the reason my throat hurts and when I told him that he started laughing because he found it hilarious.


The second day, I slept at his house. His mom was on a work trip and his step dad is only ever home on weekends.

(This was a few days ago now so I don’t really remember what happened other than what I previously typed out)

Stan and I had sex twice that night, though the mood ended halfway through the second one and he started getting soft and I started drying up so we stopped. He went to shove a half-limp dick in me and I was like, “If you’re not up for it, we don’t have to do it.”

“I’m not up for it.”

During the first round, I let him cum in me for the first time. Yes, there was a condom, but normally I would always tell him to pull out, just as another precaution. So, the precautions were as follows: I was on birth control, we were using a condom, he was pulling out.

I could tell that he was getting close. I was laying on my back and he was pounding into me, and I said, “You can cum in me if you want.” And the look he gave me was magical.

That night, Stan and I spooned all night and it was super sweet.

We fucked again the morning of the third day and it was fantastic.

During the foreplay, I literally said to him, "You know how you probably like looking down and seeing me between your legs?"

And he was like, "Yeah.”

“You like that, right?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said.

"I like that too.”

So he had me sit on the edge of the bed and lay back and he had me rest my feet on his shoulders and hot damn, it felt awesome, much better than the first time he ate me out, and even better than when we did sixty-nine.

I told him to utilize his hands and I don’t fucking know what he’s doing down there with his fingers, but his hands are practically the same size as mine, and the way he uses them is fucking fabulous.

When the foreplay was over and the sex started, I rode him till he came. While we were doing it, when I’d get tired, Stan would pound into me from beneath and that right there would make me moan like a porn star.


He took me to class at 10:00, and when class ended at 11:00, he came to my school and met my friends. I was really worried about them meeting because if my friends didn’t like him, I’d honestly have to re-evaluate my relationship with him.

My friends ended up liking him, one of them, Courtney, ended up calling me later that day and saying, “He seems like a really good guy,” and I almost started crying because it made me so happy.

When Stan and I left my college, we went and bought condoms together and we stood in front of the condom section at Walmart and talked about which ones to get for like five minutes before we bought two packs, one for my place and one for his and he's like, "That's 24 condoms and at this rate they might not even last us a month"

We headed to the mall after that and I bought him two shirts and a beanie for like $17 and when we got back to his house he tried on the beanie (Which was way way too small) and he put on the shirt (which was plaid, and he always wears plaid but that's okay because I may or may not be sexually attracted to plaid) and wore it all day while randomly telling me how much he loved it.

While we were buying the clothes, Stan made a point to tell me that he didn’t like people paying for him, and I said, “You know I have a shopping problem and I broke up with my last boyfriend because he wouldn’t let me buy him a shirt so get your shit together.”

He no longer complained about me buying him things.

Also, I told him that my throat hurts and he started laughing and said, "It's from sucking dick." and it was funny.


Him and I hung out from like Monday night to Thursday night and we spent all our free time together. So the only time we weren't together was when I was at class or when he was at work We shared a bed three nights in a row, once at my house and twice at his, and yeah :) it was really awesome.

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