The Dairy of A Vampire

This is the Dairy of a 15-year-old vampire named Vladimira. She lives with her human family and she hates that she can't get the right food. She has never tasted human blood before and her mother and father are pushing her ever closer to trying some of them. But, of course, they don't know that she is a vampire.


52. Entry 52; Thrus 19th 2017

Blood. Blood. Blood. That is all that I can THINK about. I want it. I crave it. I hurt for it. I NEED it. My stomach hurts, my head hurts. Everything hurts, but I KNOW that it can and will ALL go away at my first taste of blood. I can't get the picture of it out of my head. I know I sound like someone who has lost their mind. I might very well have lost my mind. I can't think of anything but the warm, red, thick, blood coming from the still beating heart and running down my throat and into my stomach and making me feel better. I did try to do my challenge but I couldn't. I just could not, not write for even an hour without going crazy. Well, I am home right now.


I am only home because my stomach would not let me leave. I am hungry enough that it is hurting me. And hurting me badly. I am also very sleepy. So that means that it is daylight outside. But other than blood my mother made sure that I can not forget about my birthday coming up soon. Ugggg. I hate it. I do not like it when that is brought up. Yeah, a lot of people like birthdays and that kinda think. I am 'turning' 16 on February 20th. Dio, it sucks. I am not a birthday person. I mean yeah thinks have changed, people grow up. And that is what I have been forced to do faster than I thought was possible. I do not like birthdays and I do not find joy in nice things. I find joy in seeing people get killed on T.V. or reading about it. The one thing that I just want to be over is the month itself. I have a thing against February. You know that it is known for being the month of love and all that nonsense. Yes, well, I have a thing against love. I do not think that it is real. I still want blood, though. It is not even the afternoon yet and I am in love with the idea of going to school and killing a few people. But I can not do that. I just want this pain to stop. 


cCan we please go back to October? I love that month. The one where you get to dress up and scare people. That one. I like that one. But back to birthdays, in that month my best friend is going to leave me. She is going out of the city and I wish I could go with her. I hate being here last night I had a dream of being in one of the biggest cities that I know. New York city. I have never been there in real life but the thought of going there makes me sick. When my younger brother thought about going there for the trip that we take every year I just shut up and did not talk the rest of the car ride home. I was too busy trying to hold back vomit. He is a city person. I am a country person. But as soon as I threw up in my dream when I was in New York I was in a corn field back home. And I am a firm believer in 'Home is where the heart is'. My heart is not in the big city. It is not in Colorado. It is in my hometown. Iowa. I love it there. I can not wait until I can just drive there and spend some time at home before I have to come back here. My mother and father think that this is where my heart is. I let them think that but it is not true. If I had birthday day wish and only one. It would be to go home. My mother and father would look at me and tell me, "But you are home," And the first words out of my mouth would be, "Home is where the heart is. My heartt does not resign here in a city." And that would be all that I say before I go outside and walk to the park. That is where I plan to speand my whole brithday unless I am at school. Yes I am going to school on my brithday I just hope that now one yells out, "HAPPY BRITHDAY VALDMIRA" If that be the case I mihgt have to take them over and tell them that I lied when my brithday was. Of course though I did not. And I hate that I did not lie about that. I just do not want to think about my birthday. SO I am going to go and try to rest now.

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