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  • Published: 11 Nov 2016
  • Updated: 12 Nov 2016
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When i was twelve my parents got divorced. after that i learned a lot about myself. there were god things but there were also the bad things. i´ve kept it in my head for so long time, but now its a god time for me, to get it out. Are you a teenage girl who has divorced parent, I know you have had the same feelings as me.


1. The divorce

Alright. I seriously don´t have any idea how to start. In my head i got a million ideas, but none about how to start this chapter. okay..


When i was twelve my parents got a divorce. 

I was laying on my bed, when my mother knocked on my door and said that I had to go to the living room.

I dind´t think that much about it. I just took my earphones of and followed her. 

In the living room stud my to siblings. My littlebrother at 10, and sister at 7. 

there we stud. tree in a row. My mother started talking. "okay. It´s really important that you are listening really intently now. Dad is sick (I bet you think he had cancer or something, but no). he is mentally ill."

my brain split up in to, that moment. The left part said: "does he want to kill us now?". And the other half said: "ohm. NO HE ISN´T. Bad prank, mom".

After that, my mom started talking again. it was something about my grandparents were going to come and pick us up, and we should go pack what we wanted to take with us. 

silence came. Nobody said anything. Then my brother took the first step. He started crying. I could´d just stand there and watch. I had been a good sister, i would have comforted him. I did not. I ran. I ran right into my room. I almost jumped in bed. I packed myself into my duvets. I was freaking freezing. I looked at my hands, they were shaking like the rest of my body. My body was shaking like i was about to get killed or something.  

I raised when i hearted my grandfathers voice. I only brought my phone and a charger. when we arrived to my grandparents house. i walked slowly down the hallway. I walked into the office and took place in and gigant, circled form, red chair. I just sat in the chair in an hour. I did not have my phone. i just sat i looked out in nothing. 

from the office i could hear my brother and grandmother talking. "are they going to get divorced now?" my brother asked. "yes, they are" was the answer from my grandmother. 

I had´nt cried for an hour, but that, that i could´t handle. I was crying as my heart was about to break. 

it knocked on the door, and few seconds later a person stepped in. it was my mother. "Are you getting a divorce?" could hear my brother yelling. "shh. come, lets sit down" my mother said. 

I knew the answer. and that was, yes. 








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