Tips and help for writing!

This will help you if you are having trouble with one of your stories. I am adding a list of guy and girl names, and a bunch of other things to help if you have writers block.


3. Writers Block: Let's break it down.

Everyone get's writer's block at some point, and then your story just kinda stops writing itself. You come to a block in the road and you don't know where to turn to. So you either leave the story as it is or you consult something to give you insparation. Well this is your insparation. I am going to in this chapter help you with the three main reasons why people get writers block and how to fix them all! -Willow <3


Ok let's get started with the 3 main reasons:

1. You run out of ideas for where the story should go next.

2. You run out of adventures for the characters to go on or you run out of characters in genral.

3. You think there's something missing from the story but you can't figure out what.


Ok now that we have some things to work with here, let's get started with how to fix them!

So with number 1, "you run out of ideas for where the story should go next." An easy way to fix this is to get some feedback from people. If you only have a few chapters this might not be the option for you but if you have more then 5, ask some people to read it! Whether they be your friends irl or your friends on Movellas, you can get some beta readers to help your cause. You could make a google form or something like that so that they can tell you what they liked, what they dislike and what they want and don't want to happen next. That way you can easily get the feedback you need so that your readers will like where it's going. Most readers when they read books, they think alike. They either all like a character or all dislike depending on the perspective of the reader. Now if you have less then 5 chapters, not a lot of people will want to beta read it but I know some people will. If you can't get anyone to beta read it, use some of these tips under here.

If your stuck, try coming up at least with a scene. So if you want a forest, what would you want it to look like. A very thick forest? With green trees or red? Is it fall? Here is a table that you can use if you having trouble with coming up with a scene.


Setting: Forest, Tundra, Plains, Suburb, City, Fairy hollow? You can look up some things here if you need to.

Character(s): {Put down the characters you want in the scene here}

Animals: Are there animals in here? Think of animals you would see in your scene, like you wouldn't see a bear in a city.


Now let's move onto number 2. Now it says if you run out of adventures or if you run out of characters. So if you were running out of characters, like if you were doing something like The Hunger Games, then you would need new characters. If you're unable to come up with anymore characters, try using this table below.

Full Name:




Clothes (the way they dress):

(You can add more to this if you want, It's just a basic overview.)


For if you're running out of adventures, all you need to do is look through some books. You don't need to read them completely but if you want to read the description of some books that can really help you. You can take an already made book and turn the plot around. You can use the setting but change the story itself. Now let's move onto number 3.

"You think there's something missing from your story but you can't figure out what." This is a hard one but if anyone is really having trouble with it, I would be happy to help. If any of you are having writers block, email me your story or just email me in genral at I would be happy to help all of you. Now that we have gone through this whole thing I will see you all later! I hope this chapter helped you!

-Willow <3

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