publicity stunt : harry styles

Meet Alice Marie. Since she was signed to Simon Cowell's record label in 2015, her songs have been on the top of the charts! But you know Simon Cowell. He never seems to be pleased. He thinks that to spice up her career a bit, she needs to constantly be in the public eye. What better way to do that than to date a member of the 'biggest boyband in the world', One Direction. Of course Harry is reluctant to do this and they despise each others guts. But is the feeling of hatred mutual? will there be a happy ending or will this little romance remain just a publicity stunt?



alice's pov
"you look stunning, darling." my mom's voice rings out. i turn around twice in the mirror before facing her. this was pretty much the first big award show that i've ever attended. i had asked simon to send a few people to help me get ready before the big day and low and behold, he flew my mother out all the way from philadelphia. 

"thank you, mom.." i trail off. "i wish dad could see me now. i wonder what he would say." i feel my shoulders involuntarily slouch,  as i lean my back against the wall with a sigh. my father had died a few months ago due to pancreatic cancer. i wasn't at home during that time, i was working as an opening act for DNCE. my mom comes up behind me and puts her hands on my shoulder.

"here. he wanted me to give this to you," she says. i grab the small book out of her hand. it was bound together with a seal, but it appeared to be diary. "he told me about it while he was in the hospital and told me only to give it to you when you were doubting yourself. he wanted you to know that he always knew that you were something special, alice. he wanted you to know that he is, always was, and always will be proud of you."

i feel the tears gathering up at my eyes. one single tear falls before i wrap my arms around my mom tightly and bury my face inter her neck. i push the other tears back, not wanting to ruin my freshly done makeup. i stay in that hugging position for a while before leaning up and letting out a deep breath. "i really miss you."

"i miss you more. now let's go. you don't want to be late do you?" i shake my head no before lacing my hand with my mother's and leading her to the front door of my apartment.

just as i open the door, i see harry standing outside of it, with his left hand in mid air as if he were about to knock. he coughs lightly before smiling falsely and greeting us. "good evening, alice. who's this lovely lady accompanying you?" 

i practically roll my eyes right out my head before mumbling quickly,"harry, mom. mom, harry. now let's go." i attempt to move past harry until i heard my mom's voice behind me.

"alice, don't be rude. you never mentioned a harry, before." her eyes are fixated on his own and it really creeps me out. i stand in front of harry, peering over at my mom.

"that's because there's not much to say about him." i mutter. "and mom can you please stop staring at him like he's a piece of meat?"

"there's so much i need to know.. is he your boyfriend?" as soon as those words leave her mouth i begin violently choking on air.
"yes. yes mom he is. now can we go, because i really don't want to be late..."

i grab harry's hand without thinking twice and surprisingly he doesn't pull away. with his hand in mine i march right up to his range rover, rolling my eyes. i see the corner of harry's lips turn upwards into an amused smirk. "something wrong, alice?"
"don't even harry." i say hopping into the car.

i watch as closes the passenger door and opens the door to the back seat for my mom. she thanks him, mumbling something along the lines of how much of a gentleman harry was. if only she knew.

"alicandria ( pronounced alice - andria ) marie kettel. how come you never told me you had a boyfriend? let alone, such a fine young man like harry?" i shudder at the use of my full name and i feel harry's eyes looking at me and i can tell he wants to laugh. i fight back a grin of my own before turning to face my mom.

"because mom, it kind of just .. happened. like a few days ago. i didn't want to freak you out or something.." i lie. terribly, might i add.

"you never were a good liar," my mom begins. "but i'll let this slide, until later."

"are you ready, alicandria?" harry says through a grin. 

"oh shut up and drive, you idiot."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
harry's pov (ooooooh finally)
i pull up and park in parking spot reserved only for attendee's. i sigh quietly, nervousness soon coming over me. not only did i have to worry about alice and her mom and what the press would think of it, but this is also the first time i've ever walked a red carpet without my best mates. we were still on hiatus and its times like these that i miss them the most. we had told all our fans that we'd be back, but now.. im not quite so sure. louis would always make some crude joke about what i was wearing or how my hair looked, niall was always laughing at anything louis said, liam was always somewhere shaking his head disapprovingly or making a call to his mum about how excited he was.. nothing would be the same.

i turn the car off, looking over at alice. she was having a conversation with her mum, and the two of them were both laughing at something. i watched the way her eyes crinkled up at the corners and a barely visible dimple made itself known on her right cheek. she favored her mom, a bit. well, more than a bit. she wasn't bad looking .. just really fucking annoying. but not even that anymore. i had went over her house to tell her about the award show, and somehow found myself sneaking in through a window and staying up with her for hours writing songs and laughing. she wasn't all that bad. 

yet still very fucking annoying.

"hello, earth to harry?" i snap out of my trance, coming to the realization that i was sitting here staring at alice for an odd amount of time. her eyebrows were furrowed in confusion and i just shook it off and hopped out of my car. i opened the door for mrs. kettel before doing the same for alice. both of whom silently thanked me. i linked my arms with both of them, leading them up to the sign in line. in front of me stood a familiar heap of blonde hair. i cleared my throat rather loudly, causing the man turn around.

i watched as those irish eyes of his went from confusion to excitement all in the time frame of a second. "oi! harry, how are ya, mate?" i give him a hug, patting his back twice before letting go. 

"im good, good.. i love the new track, ni. it's sick." i say, referring to his song "this town." he was the first one out of all four of us to realize a single and it was extremely good. 

"thanks, styles. i heard about the new movie, never thought you'd be the one acting but im happy for you, nonetheless. " a grin tugs at his mouth and i shake my head.

"excuse me, hi niall. im al-"

"alice marie. i haven't seen you in ages. how've you been?" his voice cuts her off. wow. i haven't seen my best friend in almost a year and he loses all interest in me over some girl. typical niall. i pat his back, telling him that it was now his turn to sign and make his way to the red carpet to take pictures.

"ah, well it was nice catching up with you two, and pleasure meeting you ms. kettel. see you inside!" he quickly signs his signature and heads past the crowd of security guards. 

"okay, mr styles. first stop, the e news coverage both with giuliana and terrence, then a few pictures, and at the end you'll see one of our escorts to guide you into the theater."

"i know. please help my girlfriends wife inside to find a seat, please." i say. mrs. kettel waves goodbye and followers after another escort.

i quickly sign my name and so does alice. i grab her hand and smirk slightly at how sweaty it was. we make our way past the security guards and take our first steps onto the red carpet as a couple. there are camera flashes everywhere. fans shouting, demands of which way to turn from the paparazzi.. noise and flashes. same old, same old.

i take a glance over at alice who's practically trembling from fear. 

"nervous?" i ask her.

"yeah.." she trails off.

"you should be. one wrong move and it'll end up everywhere."

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