An Arrange Wedding My Ass!! [Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts]

On Caroline's 16th birthday her adopted mother finally comes clean about her big secret now by the Goddess of love's will she and another must choose between 11 young men to be their husband. Who will it be?


1. Happy Birthday Caroline

I slowly stirred awake with a stretched I tossed the blankets off of me getting out of bed I opened my balcony doors. I was greeted by the beautiful sound of birds chirping.

I was enjoying my peaceful morning for once.

"Ahhh...." I heard Axel breathe out followed by a loud farting noise.

"Seriously!?" I shouted at him turning around I quickly pinched my nose not wanting to smell whatever foul thing that came out of that boy.

Axel and Ventus died of laughter. I glared at the two boys grabbing a pillow with my free hand I went to go hit Axel with it but he grabbed Ventus and they ran for their lives dying of laughter and screaming "HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUCKFACE!"

I rolled my eyes yet finding myself chuckle; living with boys can make you want to rip your hair out yet find amusement in the little things.

I've been living in Radiant Garden at a castle for a month now with EIGHT boys but honestly, I've known these boys for a long time; we also live with Emily, my adopted Mom.

I left my bedroom closing the door hoping the smell will go away soon.

"STOP BEING MEAN TO BLONDIE!" Cloud yelled at them.

I smiled at the nickname he has for me; he calls me blondie because of my hair color.

I dropped my hand looking at Cloud noticing he was holding a hand behind his back hiding something.

"Whatcha got there?" I asked.

"Hey, now no peeking!" He scolded smiling.

Cloud is one of Emily's good friends and through her we became friends. He's in his 20s but he acts just as childish as me.

"Now I know you said-"

"You better not have spiky!" I interrupted him; I told him no gifts for my birthday.

He smiled sheepishly as he brought his arm around holding a small necklace box. I gently grabbed the box from him and opened it; inside was a real gold chain necklace with a gold letter B attached to the chain.

I smiled, "B?"

He nodded, "I would have done C for Caroline but I can't let you live down Brownie."

I playfully rolled my eyes, "I love it!" I wrapped my arms around his neck making sure not to drop my gift. Cloud hugged me back.

We stood there hugging each other, it started to get awkward.

I slowly pulled away, "Put this on?" I gave him the necklace before turning around.

He quickly latched it onto my neck, "Thanks! I'm going to find Emily." I pecked his cheek before taking off.

As I walked down the hallway I passed Zack's room and heard him singing and it was terrible. I walked inside his bedroom walking over to the closed bathroom door.

"Puppy will you quit singing!?" Cloud and Genesis brainwashed me into calling him that.

"WHAT?" He yelled.

He's so deaf, "QUIT SINGING ITS LAME!"


I rolled my eyes, "AND THAT WOULD BE!?"




We both died laughing as I left his room reaching the end of the hallway on top of the water fountain.

I cupped my hands around my mouth shouting, "Emily! Where are you!?"

"What do you need with Emily?" A male voice asked.

I turned to Zexion who has his nose buried in his book of Retribution.

"Oh hey Zexy," Another nickname thanks to Axel, "just wanted to check on her."

He looked at me, "Oh and happy birthday."

I smiled at him, "Thanks."

He mumbled welcome then started reading as he walked away.

"I wish I could do that," I mumbled.

"Do what?" A female voice asked.

I turned, "Emily!" I hugged her.

"Erm hi." She laughed as I let go.

Emily looked really stressed and sad for some reason.

I lightly punched her arm, "Hey cheer up it's my birthday and no sad faces!" I said cheerfully.

She gave me a smile but I know Emily to well.

She looked at my necklace, "B?"

"For Brownie!" I cheered pumping a fist into the air.

She chuckled, "Rikku and Namine will be here soon."

I smiled; nothing could sour my good mood!

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