I walk past "The Gang". Brandon and his little friends like to be called that. "Jenny, Brandon says calling my name. I turn around. Brandon was cute. He's the worst kid in school, but he's so nice to me. The way he talks to me and the way he acts around me is very sweet.


2. Frightend

Jennifer's Part:

"Wait isn't your mom the one who's one that show called "My 600 Pound Life"?  Is it because she weighs more than 500 pounds? I think being fat runs in your family, I say. I'm so mean but he should of never said what he said. His face turns super red. He starts gigging in his book bag. "Where's that knife, he whispers? I look scared and shocked. He smirks and drops his book bag on the floor. I  see a knife in his book bag. 

I  really feel scared. "Mrs. Barnett. May I use the bathroom, I ask? Sure, she says. I get the pass and walk outside. As I'm walking towards the bathroom, I feel footsteps behind me. I should have known that Olive would follow me because I turn around to find Olive following me with his book bag on his back. I keep looking back and walk fast at the same time. He continues faster. I turn around because I've bumped into someone.

I look to see who the person is. Brandon. I turn around to find Olive digging in his book bag. I look scared. " Hey Jennifer, Brandon says. " Um. Hi, I say. "You look scared. What's wrong, he asks? "Um.. Nothing. I have to go, I say. As I'm about to leave, Brandon blocks me. "Something's wrong, Brandon says. "I really have to go, I say looking at Olive as he continues to look at me. He couldn't hear our conversation because he was from a distance. 'Is it that weird Olive kid. What did he do, he asks?

I sigh. " I think he's trying to kill me. He has a knife in his book bag, I say in a scared way. Brandon looks at Olive as he comes closer.


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