Don't forget, you're here never.

Go back to the times that things were great, with Jak, Charles, Aileen and... A couple of other... Familiar faces... Save the world(?) Find what they need(?) Who knows? It's all a matter of reading on...

(P.s: 69 ayeeeee)


2. ~OooOoOo~

~Did you know that the original name for pac-man was puck-man? You'd think it was because he looks like a hockey puck, but it actually comes from the Japanese phrase 'Paku-paku' which means to flap one's mouth open and closed.... But they changed it because they thought people would scratch out the P and turn it into an F.....

As in like....

........ I'll leave you alone forever now.~ {Felix-Ervarda}

It's the same thing, day in, day out. I get released from the box once a week and moved elsewhere. The boss comes three times a week to... 'Talk'... To me... I lie. He hurts me, but as if I'll tell anyone that.

Today was the day that I was released from the box and by released I mean, lead down a brightly lit corridor by three young women dressed each dressed in some kind of... White shawl looking thing.

{I'm tired of trying to be normal}

I had woken up to the three attempting to dress me. Though as soon as my eyes opened, I screeched and they backed away with terror in their eyes. I growled, telling them that I could dress myself, before pulling on white trousers and staring at the white jacket that had been laid out in front of me. I wasn't stupid, I knew exactly what it was... 

{I'm always over thinking}

They had to help me into it and I stared into the reflective glass window as I was led out of the room, attached to the three by chains. I was wearing a straightjacket. The chains attached to the jacket so that the women could walk me down the wide corridors without getting too close. 

{I'm driving myself crazy}

They walked me to the far end of the corridor before swiftly turning on their heels and briskly opening the door in front of us. As soon as it was open they walked me in, locked the door, undid the straightjacket and then left, locking the door behind them.

{So what if I'm f______ crazy?!}

The room wasn't much different to the other room, it had a barred window that was just wide enough for a thin person to climb through. But like I stated before, it was barred with iron like a prison cell. 

{And I don't need your quick fix}

I settled into the far left corner in nothing but a white shirt and pants, sighing loudly, before jumping at a sudden: "Pssst... Over here Loser!"

{I don't want your prescriptions}

I scanned the room before my eyes settled at the window. Or more precisely a girl behind the window with a grin. 

{Just cause you say I'm crazy}

"You having fun in there?" She chuckled, trying to coax me out of my shocked phase, but i had almost forgotten how to speak. Almost.

{So what if I'm f______ crazy?!}

"N-no..." I huffed, crossing my arms and scowling at her. "What do you want? Trying to taunt me cause you're on the outside and I'm trapped in here?"

{And I'm gonna show you}

"I was actually gonna help you out... But if you don't want me to, then...." She smirked and started to turn away, leaving me to notice her red mohawk.

{Loco, Maniac}

"Wait, wait, wait...!" I threw my body weight across the room, gripping the bars across the window. "You can get me out of here?!"

{Sick b____, psychopath}

"Sure I can!" She grinned, turning back and chuckling at me. "I've always wondered what it's like in there...."

{Yeah, I'm gonna show you}

"It's awful." I snapped in reply and hissed, slithering back into my corner as I heard the sound of the door being unlocked. I looked back over at the window, and the girl with the Mohawk was gone.

{I'm gonna show you}

The door opened and a young woman walked in. She had long messy brown hair and dark eyes, she smiled at me and I instinctively hissed back.


"Well that's a nice way to greet someone." She laughed and sat opposite me, her face turning serious. "I'm here to help you."

{Mental, out my brain}

I tilted my head, "Help me...?" 

{Bat s___, go insane}

"I know what they're doing to you... You gotta listen to me." She reached out to touch my shoulder and I flinched away, hitting it on the wall and wincing.

{Yeah, I'm gonna show you}

"Calm down Felix... I'm not gonna hurt you... My name's Tohru." She reached out again and put a hand gently on my shoulder. "Let's get you out of here..."

{I'm gonna show you}

We both jumped at the sudden clanging of of metal against metal, and both turned to the girl at the window, oh... She'd come back?


She had, and she was hooking the bars on the window with a metal hook. "Gonna pull these damn bars away." She grins, a black mask around her neck. Before she turns swiftly and all that can be heard is an engine...? Before the bars fling off the window edges with such a force (not to mention the clanging noise) that the whole room seems to shake.

{Crazy, crazy}

"Out the window we go!" Tohru chuckles, grabbing my arm gently and coaxing me to the window. "Hurry... I bet they heard the noise."

{Yeah I'm gonna show you crazy}

I quickly clambered onto the ledge and easily slide through the gap. I'm currently quite thin, only feeding on one slice of bread and no butter every day, along with water and (thankfully) toilet breaks. 

{crazy, yeah I'm gonna show you, yeah}

Tohru climbs out hurriedly after me, and we both head over the the rough looking car that the girl with the Mohawk and mask stands by. 


"You guys took forever. Get in losers." She opened the doors of the car, allowing us to get in and sit in the back. "My name's Alex." She held out a hand to Tohru and I, which we both shook, before she started the car, and we drove away from the hell I had been trapped in.


I was finally at peace, laughing and talking to people who were nice, and friendly. "Or that one time that I rode my bike through a bush. Yep, that's right. Through it." 

{I'm tired of trying to be normal}

"Haha oh my god, no way, you're crazy, haha."

{I'm driving myself crazy...}

"I'd totally do it again. It was worth it."

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