Don't forget, you're here never.

Go back to the times that things were great, with Jak, Charles, Aileen and... A couple of other... Familiar faces... Save the world(?) Find what they need(?) Who knows? It's all a matter of reading on...

(P.s: 69 ayeeeee)


3. naturally.

"You know... Your face has been all over the news recently Felix."

I blinked over at Tohru sleepily. "It has...?"

She laughed. "Yeah! You're totally famous! In fact, I saw some posters of you, with 'MISSING' written in huge bold letters... Just the other day!"

Before I could reply, Alex butted in. She'd been driving in silence for a while, so this startled both Toh and I. "Someone is really desperate to find you huh Felix..."

"Is it your mother? Father maybe? .... Felix...?"

I had stayed silent, not answering their questions, and at the mention of my parents, my forehead hit the cool glass of the car window with a thud that made both of the girls gasp.

"I've never met my father... My mother died a while ba-WATCH OUT!!!!" I screeched as I saw a woman walking across the road, and Alex swerved quickly, huffing.

"Don't scare me like that!!! What was it for anyway?!"

I whined, realising that it had been one of those things that no one else could see. "Sorry..."

Toh turned her head towards me. "Hey... Cheer up... Should we find out who's looking for you?" She grinned, "Stop the car for me Alex?"

Alex did as she was told, pulling up to the curb and turning to Toh. "Your wish is my command."

Toh got out of the car in an instant, running a few paces down the road, removing a piece of paper from a lamppost, and running back with it in hand.

"Here, do you recognise this number?" She held the poster where I could see it and giggled as I scanned it over.

It was a large printed image of myself, with my shirt half taken off and a clear look of surprise on my face. I even remember when it was taken, funnily enough. I had been changing clothes when Jak shouted: "Hey Lexus! Think fast!" And as I turned to look at him, he had taken my picture, with my shirt hanging off of my arms.

Toh tilted her head to me as Alex rested her arm on the back of the drivers seat, turning to look at us. "In need of a phone?"

I nodded and caught the mobile that she threw gently over to me. I hurriedly punched the number into the device, before holding it to my ear and listening intensely to the ringing.

"Hello? Jak speaking...." I turned silent at the sound of my friend's voice, my still and emotionless face turning into a small smile.

"Greetings, Felix-Ervarda here." Then it was his turn to be silent, in such a stare of shock that I could almost hear the way that he sucked in breath.


I blinked and pulled the phone away at his sudden shouting, I could hear Jak on the other side of the phone, happily shouting at the others, telling them that: "IT'S FELIX!! Felix is alive!!" I could hear the faint voices of the others in the background, asking questions frantically, wanting to know everything.

"I-I'll tell you when I get back, you're in the dorm?"

I could hear him shushing everyone, before chuckling. "We'll be in your room when you get back. Mkay? Hurry... We're all d y i n g to see you."

I grinned, "Try to keep yourselves together until I get there... Or at least the majority... BYE~!" I quickly hung up before they could panic even more, getting Alex to drive me all the way back.

Toh chucked a bag of sweets at me as I got out of the car, laughing. "We'll come back to visit soon... Okay? To check up on you. I mean... I'd get worried otherwise."

"We'll be back tomorrow!" Alex added, nodding.

And with that, they bid farewell (for the night) and I clambered up the side of the building, to go through the window of my room, to finally see my friends again.

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