Don't forget, you're here never.

FELIX-ERVARDA IS BACK(ish)! Go back to the times that things were great, with Jak, Charles, Aileen and... A couple of other... Familiar faces... Save the world(?) Find what they need(?) Who knows? It's all a matter of reading on... (I WOULD ADVISE THAT YOU ALL READ NUMBER ONE IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY) (P.s: 69 ayeeeee)


1. ~GUESS WHO'S BACK, y'all know I wouldn't leave it like that~

A dream. It's about dusk, the sky is clouded and fog covers the houses, deterring much of my sight. There's a church, with a cross at the top, old and worn, the windows smashed, the beams snapped and dry. The graves are all around me, many of the other ones names faded with age and weather, but a fresh one lay in front of me.

'Jane Helen Rodgers, loving mother and wife.' 

... Mother...?

No no no no... Why was this happening?! 

A sudden jerking movement to my shoulders shook me to my senses.


I woke in a daze, leaning against a harsh solid surface with a man's face far too close to my own, large hands on my shoulders, but I can't scream because of a red cloth covering my mouth. I would rip it away but I'm scared of what he'd do in a lash movement. 

I stare up at him with what I can only assume was fear and hate, before staring at a wall, ignoring him. His name is Marcus Ariksen, and I H A T E him more than one can hate anyone in the world, ever. 

Why am I here you ask? Because the scientists are 'studying my mind for the greater good'. Basically, I tell them all I know about ghosts and the like, then get locked away so that they can monitor my reactions.

I have no contact with the outside world and my actions are starting to get harsh. I wonder if I'm missed...

I push all thoughts to the back of my mind as Marcus pats my head. "There we go," he states, taking away the cloth preventing me from speaking, before leaving swiftly. 

... Back to square one I guess.

My name is Felix-Ervarda, and this is currently, my messed up life.

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