My life as Kaitlyn


2. 2. The morning with Mel

It's early morning and the time is almost 7:00 in the morning and I have to go to school soon so I need to get clothes on fast, I think I'm gonna take my skinny black jeans on and a black hoodie.

30 minutes later

Okay now I'm done, I just need to walk to the bus and meet my best friend Mel, yeah every morning we are taking the bus together.

Walking to the bus

"Heeeeey Mel!!"

"Heeeey Kaitlyn!!"

Omg I missed yoooou Kat!!!

Yeah....he did just call me Kat but that's fine everyone does that.

Me and Mel was just standing there it was a little awkward as always.

So I was asking Mel "Hey Mel uhm I think we need to talk....about that happen before the summer break..."

Omg I was so nervous to say that!!!

But you probably think, uhm what happened before the summer? Yeah let me tell you, uhm I have a big crush on Mel, and I took him that and he was like uhm okay....yeah he did actually just say okay

"Uhm Kat....I don't want to lose or friend ship and I think we should just forget it"

Omg how can he just forget it!!!!

"Uhm sure Mel..."

The bus came

It was kinda quiet in the bus, but we only had 10 minutes in the bus and then we was at the school so it's fine, but I'm really sad about it all right now but I should maybe just accept that he only wants to be friends, but I don't know I should talk to Nora about it

Hey guys I hope you enjoy the chapter so see ya later in the next chapter!!!

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