Jenifer gets bullied a lot. her mother left her when she was little and her dad told her she was a big mistake. she has no friends and no one likes her. because of this all she is depressed but what will happen if she falls in love with one of her new neigbours?


1. new neighbours

Jenifer's pov

Dear diary,

Today I went to school for the first time in weeks. It was weird being back there. Of course, nobody talked to me except for the parts where they told me I am emo and fat and ugly and nobody wants me and I need to go and kill myself. Maybe I should do that, kill myself. I mean nobody wants me. My mom left me when I was little my dad told me he never wanted me and I was a big mistake and I have no friends. When I got home I cut myself of course. That’s what I always do.


‘Hey little bitch!’ I heard yelling form downstairs. It was my dad. I closed my diary and walked downstairs. ‘Yes dad?’ I asked with the sweetest voice I could use. ‘We have new neighbours so we have to go over there and say hi’. My dad said to me. ‘Okay dad’ I said and went to grab our coats. It was winter right now so we couldn’t really go outside without coats. When I walked back in my dad pushed me against the wall right away. ‘listen you slut. The new neighbours are all boys from around your age and if you even think about trying something with them I can and will kill you.’ My dad warned me. I am used to this kind of treats by now. ‘I won’t dad’ I told him to calm him down. He let me go and grabbed his coat out of my hands. ‘good now let’s go.’ he said and with that we walked outside.


Zayn’s Pov.

We just moved here to this huge house. The boys and I are all really happy with it but I still feel like an outsider being the only one without a girlfriend. Liam has his 'lovely' Lola, Louis has his 'sweet' Brenda, Harry has his 'adorable' Lisa and Niall has his 'beautiful' Mellissa. And now look at me the dork without one. Well you know what I don’t need one Zayn Malik doesn’t need a girlfriend. ‘hello’ I heard from behind me. I turned around and I saw the most beautiful girl in the world. She had long dark brown hair and the sweetest little face I have ever seen. ‘oh hello sir’ I heard Liam say from behind me pulling me out of my thoughts. ‘hey we saw you moving in and we thought why don’t we go and say hi to our new neighbours. Isn’t that right Jenifer?’ the man asked her. She nodded. So her name is Jenifer it’s beautiful. ‘thank you, that’s very nice of you.’ Liam said pulling me out of my thoughts again. Damn I must look really stupid right now not talking and just looking at them, at her. 'well I am Liam and this is Zayn.' Liam told the man. I should say something now. 'hi.' I said and shook their hands. 'Hey I am Garry.' The man told me. 'Why don't you come in so we can introduce you to the rest.' Liam said. They both nodded and followed Liam into the house. With me following them.


Liam's pov.

'would you like a cup of tea?' I asked them Garry and Jenifer. they both nodded and said thank you. 'Zayn why don't you help me with that?' I asked him and we both walked into the kitchen to make seven cups of tea. 'What is wrong with you?' I asked Zayn. 'I don't know, I think I might like Jenifer she is just beautiful.' Zayn told me. is he crazy he doesn't even know her. 'Well whatever man, just try to speak when we walk into the living room. Zayn nodded.


Jenifer's pov.

We walked into the living room after Liam and Zayn went off to make some tea. there was no one there. I went to the couch to sit down but my dad stopped me by pushing me against the wall again. 'why was that Zayn guy staring at you so much?' He asked me. 'I don't know I just got to know him too.' I told him and hoped he would let me go but he didn't. 'Well you better watch out with what you're doing. you know what I said earlier about killing you right.' I nodded. I was kind of scared right now. Was he serious this time? 'good.' He said and let me go.


Niall's pov.

I heard some voices downstairs that I didn't recognize so I walked downstairs to look who it was. I can hear Zayn and Liam talking in the kitchen. I looked at them they were talking about some girl. 'I don't know I think I might like Jenifer she is just beautiful.' I heard Zayn say. oeh Zayn has a crush. I walked over to the living room but at the same moment that I wanted to open the door I heard a man talking. 'Well you better watch out with what you're doing. You know what I said earlier about killing you right.' Was this man serious? he is not gonna kill someone right. No, he must be kidding. I turned around to walk back upstairs but then Liam and Zayn walked out of the kitchen. 'Hey Niall have you met our neighbours already?' Liam asked me. I shook my head. 'I heard them talk so I thought maybe I should get the rest of the boys and since you were the only one’s downstairs I figured you must have let them in.' I told them and went to walk upstairs. I'm kind of worried about what that man said maybe he wasn't joking at all. what if he was serious? you know what I will ask Louis for advice about this. I ran to Louis' room. 'hey man calm down what is wrong?' Louis asked. 'Our new neighbours are downstairs.' I told him. 'Well let's get down and meet them.' Louis said and stood up. 'No you don't understand something is wrong.' I said while grabbing his arm to stop him. 'what's wrong then? Can't it wait till after we met them we can't keep them waiting.'  'No it can't I overheard them talking and it was bad really bad.' I told him kind of stressed by now. 'What did they say?' Louis asked me. 'I heard this man say that he was gonna kill her.' I said almost crying.


Zayn's pov.

'We got the tea and Niall just went upstairs to get the rest of the boys.' Liam said. ‘sit down, make yourself at home.’ I said. Why does she look so pale. It’s like she is scared. ‘Well the boys take a lot of time coming downstairs, don’t they.’ Liam said. ‘Yes maybe I should check on them.’ I said. I stood up and walked up the stairs. I went to Harry’s room. ‘hey what’s up?’ he asked. 'Our neighbours are downstairs you have to go down and meet them.' I told him. 'oh okey.' Harry said and stood up. I walked out of Harry's room and straight to Louis' I knew they weren't anywhere else. when I reached the door I heard them talk. 'what did they say?' Louis asked.What is this all about? Well whatever they need to come downstairs. 'I heard this man say that he was gonna kill her'. Niall said at the exact moment I was going to open the door. wait what!!


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