A new creepypasta I just got into my head, it's my first creepypasta so cut me some slack.
I hope you like it.


1. Creepypasta: HER

Kim was a normal girl, starting at her new university. Her step parents were both alcoholics, and didn't care about her. She couldn't care less about them either. She normally stay in her room drawing or testing different theories.

 She had been taking the train to the university. She just wanted to pack some stuff and run away forever. She sighed and zipped up her hoodie and pulled the hood over her head. Her blond, shoulder short hair, showing a bit.

Kim stepped inside the tall building, she was met by a taller man with a big smile. “Hello and welcome” He said, she smiled a bit. “This way please, shall I take the scarf and hoodie into the closet?” He asked happily, she looked at him with hate and a face that said ‘Don’t you dare touch my scarf’ He chuckled nervously before continuing leading her somewhere. It took longer than expected to sign the papers and get used to the classes.

After some hours passed by, she sat in the train looking out the window, she felt like everyone were suddenly looking at her. She looked around the train, it wasn’t just a feeling, they were all looking at her. But only for a moment before slowly moving back to the thing they were doing. She was scared, she looked back outside and saw a black hooded figure looking directly at her…She shrugged it off and went home.

It was late and she went to bed right after she came home.  

Kim was half asleep, when suddenly woken up by a scream from the neighbor. Kim thought fast and rushed out of bed grabbing her important thin black scarf with grey starfish. She sneaked past her stupid step parents room hoping they hadn’t heard anything, she made her way to the window and pulled the curtain away, but what she saw made her heart jump up, the neighbor’s white curtains were now full of red dots splatted onto them like a weird painting, a shadow moving around. Suddenly it stopped in its actions, and looked directly at Kim, just like in the train, even though the neighbor’s curtains were in the way, she could still feel its eyes locked on her for a few seconds before she pulled the curtains back in their position and ran to her bedroom filled with fright. She was shaking, feeling her throat getting dry and cold sweat on her back. She wanted to call someone, but couldn’t…

She stood out of her bed. It was still dark, she turned around to draw back her curtains.  BAM!!!, the figure stood exactly in front of her, chills were send down her back. It clicked with its fingers and send a cold air through the room, and disappeared she curled together freezing. Her feeling suddenly just vanished, wasn’t scared anymore. She stood up and walked slowly out of her room, hearing whispers. But they stopped when she reached the kitchen, she turned her head to her step parents room. But looked at the kitchen knives right after, she walked to them with a chuckle. She suddenly felt something… She wanted revenge, but for what? She always thought that it was them who killed her parents, her loving parents… She pulled two knives in anger, cut herself in the wrists and hands, blood dripping down, then walked to the room only 6 feet away from her. She tightened her grip on the knives. She walked inside the room.

They were sound asleep; Kim took a lighter and an alcohol bottle beside her step farthers bed. She poured it over them with an evil smile, they woke up and widen their eyes, when they saw the lit up lighter and the blood. Her smile grew wider. “What? Never seen blood before?” She asked and lit up the alcohol, they both screamed. She chuckled evilly and ran out the room, she was met by a mirror.

Her hair was black; her left eye was also black with a slight red color in it. She still had her scarf on, “This is perfect” She said, her sanity was broken. She laughed hearing that the screams stopped, then the fire spread to the rest of the apartment. She wrote on the door made of glass, ‘I couldn’t care less’ Why she wrote it? Because she meant it, she couldn’t care less. She met someone who hated on her when she went to school, they went up to her and pushed her around, “You’ve colored your hair? How ugly!” One of them said, “I couldn’t care less” She said, and smiled evilly and pulled out her two knives, they backed up, and began to run. The smallest one ran into a tree, taking steps back falling backwards. She chuckled evilly, and went to him. He shook with fear. She held him down with her foot, she pierced the two knives in each shoulder of his. He screamed in pain. “Kim! YOU’RE INSANE!” He yelled, “Sorry Kim isn’t available right now” She replied “T-then who the hell are you?” He said his voice breaking. “HER” She said, “Her that will kill you” She said, he screamed, she pulled out the knives but stuck them both in his throat the sharp blade going through breaking his neck killing him.

She left the dead body with blood on his forehead with the words, ‘I COULD’T CARE LESS’ his throat open. She chuckled when she saw police light in the distance. Vanishing in the air. Just like the black figure that day.

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