Stormcloak Rebellion

When the Dragonborn decides to join the Stormcloak rebellion she must prove her worth.


2. Oh dear.

A/N: This does suggest some sexual themes. Might add more and make this story a lemon... Possibly. 

After their discussion Ulfric lead Ireth out of the war quarters back Into the main hall with Galmar in tow.  "Everybody I have an announcement to make" he shouted whilst moving to the head of the long oak wood dining table in the centre of the room. His deep gruff voice resonated off of the cold stone walls of the Blue Palace, making his voice a few decibels louder. Everybody stopped their business for the second time that day, turning their heads to look towards their Jarl and leader of the rebellion. "The Dragonborn has decided that she will be joining our cause, I am very hopeful that she will be a great addition to our brothers and sisters in arms" he announced whilst picking up a silver goblet that was over flowing with black briar mead. Raising his goblet in the air, the others did the same. "FOR SKYRIM!" They shouted in unison.  That night was spent drinking as the quick planned celebration got underway. Ulfric and Ireth were sat in the corner of the room at a separate from the rest of the rabble, strewn across tables and the floor. They were currently in a heated debate about who could drink more. It started out as a simple questions game, What is your favourite food? Favourite hold? Favourite armour? Favourite alcoholic beverage? Ulfric was utterly convinced that the Altmer sitting before him would be a lightweight, but after chugging back her seventh tankard of Nordic mead and feeling only slightly tipsy did he realise that maybe he had bitten off more than he could chew, when he finished his seventh and started to sway gently in his seat. Oh boy would he be feeling this in the morning. "So still think you can take me on Ulfric, Jarl of Windhelm, Bear of the North" Ireth laughed heartily as she raised an eyebrow at the slightly flushed nord male. Her laughter was like music to his ears in his drunken state, he wanted to lean over the table, grab her face and pull her in for a heated kiss. He had to resist the urge. His current predicament was etched onto his features, this got worse as he locked eyes with the woman, her Amber eyes were alight with mischief as a smirk tugged at the corner of her lips. He took a good look at her, her slightly tanned skin glistened in the dull light of the scones, her face was scarred from her left temple all the way down to her lips. He had learnt that she had been to the face sculptor in the Ragged Flagon in the underground cavern system of Riften, and got her eye fixed up but she kept the scars because she grew used to having them. Her thin lips glistened with moisture as her tongue gently slid across her bottom lip. Another thing that caught his attention was that she was quite tall. She was a few inches shorter than Ulfric but she was still tall. He sat there in a daze, his eyes glazing over as he thought about what type of body she was hiding under that sinister armour. He was bought out of his fantasising when Ireth started clicking her fingers in front of his face. Shaking the gutter worthy thoughts out of his head, he shifted uncomfortably in his seat as his trousers became tight.  "Hello are in still in there" Ireth laughed again, finishing her eighth tankard.  "Oh yeah sorry" Ulfric mumbled.  "Well this has been fun Ulfric but I do believe it is time I retire to bed now" Ireth giggled as she slid her chair back from the table, raising stiffly she stretched her body, leaning down she picked up her helmet. "If you need me you'll know where I'll be" she winked licking her lips. She was really winding him up, just for a laugh though. Turning herself round she made her way towards the iron doors. Her black cloak swished behind her as he watched the evident sway in her hips. "Okay I'll see you around" Ulfric murmured as he ran a hand through his hair, watching as she swung her hips, his mouth hung open  slightly and started to dry out, he would be thinking clearly if he was sober but he was far from sober and he wanted the Altmer writhing underneath him. "Indeed you shall" she shouted over her shoulder, raising her hand she gave a two finger wave back.  Ulfric watched as her frame disappeared from sight, sighing deeply he rose from his seat and made his way to his bed chambers. "Damn high elf" he grumbled as he stripped down to his loincloth and slid under his fur blankets. As he got himself relaxed his thoughts turned straight back to the gutter, it was going to be a long night.

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