Stormcloak Rebellion

When the Dragonborn decides to join the Stormcloak rebellion she must prove her worth.


1. Joining the cause.

A/n: After playing Skyrim again I thought I would write this for a laugh.
Pushing the heavy iron doors to the Blue Palace the Dragonborn came barrelling in. 

Everybody had stopped what they were doing to look at Altmer, dressed in the black daedric armour, the spikes coming off giving her a sinister appearance. Attached to the armour was a black fur cloak, fastened together around her chest with a gold chain. Pulling the helmet from her head she rested it under one arm, using her free arm to tussle her hair out. Once satisfied with her work she strode towards the Jarl of Windhelm, who was slouched on his throne eying her warily with his chin resting on his fist. Stopping just short of the throne the Altmer held her posture with confidence, head raised high as her eyes locked with his.   "Ah Dragonborn what brings you to Windhelm, by the way you came into my Palace you are not here to discuss the truce"  Ulfric started raising an eyebrow to the women. "No. I have come to tell you that I will be joining your cause" she said with a flourish of her free hand, a smirk pulled up the corners of her lips.    Ulfric shifted in his seat uncomfortably. Suspicion arose as he eyed the Altmer, how could he believe this? She could be a Thalmor spy for all he knew, take information back to the Thalmor Embassy, back to that God awful Elenwyn, giving her information on their tactics and battle plans. That might have been why she sent Elenwyn away in the discussion concerning the truce, because she would relay everything to them, they didn't need a second person. They would then relay that back to the Legion, giving them the advantage. But if she was the real deal then the ball would be in their court so to speak.    Raising himself off of this throne, he beckoned her to follow as he made his way into the war quarters, to consult with his trusty housecarl, Galmar Stone-fist. Furrowing her brows together the Altmer followed. Making her way further into the room she heard the door click and lock behind her. Turning sharply on her heels her Amber eyes widened as they landed on Ulfric and Galmar with their weapons drawn. "How can I trust you're not a Thalmor spy, you could be consorting with them for all we know" Ulfric growled as his top lip curled into a snarl.  "I see your point" the Altmer shrugged.  "You sent that Thalmor bitch away from the truce discussion, why? Is it because you don't need two spies?" It was Galmar's turn to speak now.  "No. It's a long story" she said pinching the bridge of her nose, face scrunching up with distaste. "Well you better hurry up then" Galmar hissed. "As you can already tell I hail from the Summerset Isles." She motioned to her face.   "My father was a smart mer, was running a good business, had dealings with the Dominion. When they offered him a place at their side to extinguish the 'false god' Talos, he refused, he wanted nothing to do with it. Said he wanted a simple life, they let him walk away. One night after mother had put me to bed they came surging into our house, ordering his arrest. Mother came into my room and hid me away in our safe room. Father was a skilled swordsman and honourable, he resisted the arrest and fought like any man would, he died fighting them, they arrested mother and took her instead. They made an example of her, by public execution. I was taken away by my aunt. We fled to Skyrim, so we were out of the dominions grasp. We made our home just outside of Faulkreath. There was an orphaned Dunmer girl, 3 winters younger than I, we adopted her, she became family. As time grew on she wanted to find out about her real parents, she travelled to Morrowind. Not long after aunty died after catching a disease. I received a letter from her one day saying she had found her birth mother and father, they wanted to meet me, wanted to thank me for looking after her all these years. I travelled to Morrowind for a time and upon returning back to Skyrim was snatched by the Imperials and taken to Helgen. And now you know why I am here to join your cause. I may not be a Nord but Skyrim is my home" she finished.    Ulfric and Galmar stayed quiet taking on board everything that she had just said. So she was joining for her own hatred of the dominion, the ball would defiantly be in their court. Sheathing their weapons Ulfric moved towards the Altmer.  "Welcome to the Stormcloak rebellion Dragonborn." Sticking his hand out for her to shake. Gripping his hand tightly they shook hands. "Please call me Ireth."
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