the encounter

this is a short story that i created for a class with my friend. it follows the story of the two main characters Jumin and Cassie.


2. part ii

Jumin’s POV:

    We make awkward eye contact for like 10 seconds, which is a really long time in eye contact terms, before I sigh and decide to talk. “So uh I know this is really selfish but that was my kill. But you look really serious and probably kinda mad that I saw you kill the guy-” She stops me and says, “That wasn’t human.” I just stare at her for a couple of seconds and continue to talk. “Yeah, well I don’t really care if he wasn’t human-” She interrupts me again and says, “If I hadn’t killed it you would be dead right now.” I start yelling. Dang this girl is annoying. “WELL THANK BUDDHA!!!!!! I HATH BEEN SAVED BY AN ANGEL OF HOT DOGS !!!! AMAZING!!!!!” She stares at me. “You do realize there are other people in this house right?” I smile sweetly, because that is the level of petty I am, and said “I know. I’m not that much of an idiot.” She snorts. “I doubt that”

Cassie’s POV:

    This guy is a joke. I swear to god I will shoot him if he doesn’t shut up. He sighs and says, “So what’s your name, Pancake?”  I roll my eyes. “Cassie.” I get out my flask, and splash him with the holy water inside. He doesn’t react. Just stares. Okay, not a demon. “Let’s go,” I say. I walk out and he follows me.  


Jumin’s POV:

    I silently follow her as she creeps out of the huge entryway. Bold, I see. Once we get outside, she starts running. Really? Running? You know, I look fit but I’d rather not. I sigh dramatically and yell after her, “REALLY?!?!?!? RUNNING????? I hate running!!!!” She turns around and yells back “Then don’t come.”  I shrug and run after her towards the rich part of the city.


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