Zero i girl of black and white finds her self in love with a puppeteer. They are both dark and creepy (Go Creepypasta)


3. Selling house

Zero kept watching then she saw a light come right behind her it was Alice.

Zero: *Growls* what do you think you’re doing!?

Alice: I came here to tell you to leave this family alone

Zero: In your dreams you’re just a shadow to me!

Alice: don’t yell at me, you need to leave this house now

Zero: NO!

Alice: I know you have memories here but you must leave


Alice: *Sighs* this town doesn’t need a killer who was meant to be died…And was the daughter of the Jackson family

Zero: I’m not the daughter you are, and I still have your body to keep me safe and this house

Alice: You want the police to find you and send you to jail I don’t think so

Zero: I’ll just have to stay low

Alice: good

Zero: in this house

Alice: NO! They have a ten year old girl named Lilly, A sixteen year old boy named Josh and they are only a young family

Zero: FINE! I’ll spear the kids but not the adults

Alice: Thank you Zero wait! WHAT NO ALL OF Them!

Zero: what ever go!

Alice then got grumpy and left Zero then the kids went in the house and looked around no colour, blood everywhere, broken windows, broken walls, hand print on wall made from blood and five jackhammers. Lilly was scared and holed her brother close and said “I don’t like the look of it in here let’s go back outside”

Josh: what no way I like it no colour all dull and mono chrome….I would live here

Lilly: yeah but it’s scary

Josh: good for Halloween *Takes a photo of the place*

Zero: No!

Lilly and Josh: Huh?

Lilly: what was that brother?

Josh: I don’t know  

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