accidents happen


2. -


He stood on the highest point of town, over looking Oak Hills as he stars to speak to himself.

behind him were Niall, Liam and Zayn - the crew with full support, he faced towards the wind as he out his ingers on the box lid, ready to open and let Harry drift in the wind.

"i hope you're doing okay, baby"

Louis whispered to the box as he cried into his jumper sleeve, wiping his tears away.

"im sure you've seen me welp and look like an absolute idiot, im sorry i didnt do this earlier, you've probably been waiting for me to do this" Louis wiped his tears away again

"i didnt mean to hurt you Harry,Everyday i thinnk about you and i will think about you everyday for the rest of my lie starting now! i miss you every day, i miss your stupid jokes in the morning about how the egg will crack up if it told you anymore funny jokes, or how you'd make me breakfast in bed with your special little tea in the only mug that made me happy the one you bought me." Louis took a deep breath "how you would always fantasize over having children, and how you are just so domestic at being that stay at home mother, i know we cant do much now, i promise to make sure i keep the house clean incase you come back to visit and ill learn to do the dishes and ill start readng cookbooks to make sure i dont burn the house down, im gonna miss your sweet baking and when i smell it everytime i walk in the house, im going to miss that musk scent of you, or the curly hair that always had bits of flour in it when i come home , most of all im gonna miss harry edward styles the boy you are" Louis kissed the box "words cant describe how much i will miss how you behave and act, i loved how you were slly one minute then caring the next, I'm gonna miss how you tried to creep around thinking i couldnt hear you when i 'asleep', you took great care of me harry, i might of been a little over-protective and this time... i failed, i failed to protect you i did it all because i love you, it was the best time of my life getting to know you,hold you, kiss you and love you." Louis looked up and took a deep breath  " everyone that knows you would know your a pretty special guy, i knew that from the moment i met you, who knew we would of ended up his far it was more than a pleasure to know you, harry. It was a pleasure to love you too but most of all its such an unforgettable memory to know that you loved me too."

he opens the box and releases harry in the wind, the ashes being swept away and dancing freely from Louis, Harry was finally free

Louis tries to smile, and he does. he releses that air that has been kept inside him for months, the air of finally knowing harry was enjoying life without harm, and he was repaired and was safe in the clouds.

"the pain got hard but you were there and i didnt feel a thing, i love you harry!"

louis was sure he can hear that faint call of harry, whispering back thatbhe loved him too.



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