Criminal Minds: The Darkness

Doctor Spencer Reid is dealing with personal problems along with the absence of Morgan and Hotchner. Reid subjects himself into a world he himself should know will be hard to get out of. As he starts to become the type of mind he and the team arrests he learns that there's no turning back and cleaning himself from this.


3. Chased Down By Ghosts

The rain outside woke me up. I ended up calling Audrey for a place to go. Rubbing my eyes and face I breathed in roughly. The smell of bacon got me sitting up. I can't remember much because i was exhausted last night. Looking around the room it's clear of what kind of message she sends people.

Her walls are painted white and one picture frame hanging on it with a photo of the woods in it. Her desk wasn't neat. It had piles upon piles of textbooks about photography and physics. Her laptop was closed and she had a wooden bedroom floor with dried up red stains probably blood from what i can tell. She wasn't neat but with barely anything else in her room it's clear she's closed off and doesn't want anyone prying into things. Yet she doesn't try and clean the blood stains which means when people walk in here its purposely left there to send the message of don't cross the line with me.

Slowly getting up I walked out of the room and towards the kitchen. Audrey was standing there in nothing but a black oversize shirt with boxers. She seems awfully relaxed. Too relaxed and that concerns me. I stood there watching her unable to say anything. I remember how she automatically opened her door to me last night. It's like she knew I would call soon and took it upon herself to take me in but why? I'm not a friend. I arrest people like her or like me? 

"Are you going to say good morning or something?" she asked impatiently. 

"Morning." I replied. 

"One of your FBI buddies found my number and kept calling. She said her name was Garcia and left a dozen messages asking if i could call back to see if I know where you are. Now i have to find somewhere temporary to live because I'm pretty someone will come here." she was severely angry. 

"Alright but stay at my place. It's the least I can do...I mean if it wasn't for me you wouldn't be in this mess in the first place." 

"Would the good old Doctor Reid miss me that much if I said no?" she teased. 

"I can't have my team find out about you." My voice was more demanding than usual which concerned me. 

"Honestly for once I agree with you. Let's go." She grabbed her phone from the kitchen table, a knife from a counter drawer, and a hat. 

"What about the food?" I watched as she dumped out and made a ruckus of her own home. 

"We'll get something on the way okay? I know a diner we can stop at." Finally she found a picture of a man within one of her kitchen cabinets. "It's a keepsake." She paused. "Let's hurry before they get here." 

We ran to her car instead of mine. I'm on the run from my own teammates. If this doesn't qualify as a terrible mistake I don't know what ever will. I don't have words to describe what's happening which isn't like me. My mind is empty for once in my life there's nothing factual or any thoughts rushing through my head. The only thing I'm experiencing right now is anxiety. I'm on the run from what? Why is it i'm trying to hide this so much? Have I truly become like that? I don't think so but then again things can be deceiving. I believe I've deceived myself. 

It feels as though my teammates and old colleagues are in the past and I'm a run away. I'm running from ghosts. Trapped, I'm trapped in my own mind. Its not suffocating but tiresome, heavy even. 


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